JioMeet Vs Zoom: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

JioMeet Vs Zoom

If you are here after reading about the recent pour in of a gigantic sum of investment made in Jio, then you also might be aware of the latest entry in the video operating market, JioMeet. At the beginning of the year, Zoom had completely and blatantly, taken over the video conferencing platform. Everyone we knew, was using Zoom. Right from educational purposes to professional meetings, it was all there.

Many rumours tried to pull down the application by stating false allegations and rumours against its safety measures and protocols. However, Zoom has stood the test of time pretty well and still, stands tall to be called the king of these platforms. Nevertheless, in a world so competitive, it is difficult to stand alone without an equal competition, and here is where the fun begins. JioMeet has entered the forum like a boss and is all set to knock Zoom off its grounds.

Well, this is from the competitor’s point of view but, as users, we should be well aware of what we are getting our hands into. So, in this article, we are going to give our readers a detailed study; which will answer all your questions and establish a clear winner between the war of JioMeet Vs Zoom.

JioMeet Vs Zoom

User Interface – JioMeet Vs Zoom

Jio has always been known for its unique punch of innovations, but this time, the tech giant seems to have copy-pasted the idea of a brilliant mind without investing in their own. In simple words, JioMeet’s user interface is a pure copy of Zoom. Right from the landing page, placement of menu’s, meeting interfaces, the desktop version, and much more to list, everything has been recreated, rather copied, by Jio.

So, if you are a Zoom fan, this can be both good and bad for you. This is clearly because, both the video conferencing platforms have the same interface, so, you can save yourself the time and conceptualizing it with a new interface phase. This is one way to look at it. Although, the users expected something new and different from JioMeet, which they have failed to deliver.

Furthermore, the users expected something better and Indianized from the tech giant. However, on that note, users are sure to have a great user experience, but still, the fact about its originality will always mock out nerves.

Free Offers

In here, Jio has always seemed to take the upper hand and always will. While offering free stuff, Jio has always been one step forward and always with open arms to offer everything it has. JioMeet offers up to 100 people to join in a video call at a single time and the best part is, there is no time limit here. Talk as long as you wish to, which is crazy and breaks the 40-minute barrier with Zoom calls.

Zoom offered only 40 minutes of free calling and on similar grounds, allows users to have 100 participants at a single time. Talking about other perks, just like Zoom, JioMeet also offers screen sharing facilities in HD Quality, but, unlike Zoom, it lacks annotations and whiteboard support, so here is where Zoom kicks out the fire like a boss.

Premium Features – JioMeet Vs Zoom 

Till now, you must have already declared JioMeet to be the clear winner of this race, but here is where the climax kicks in. Talking about the premium features, there is no way JioMeet can compete with Zoom as its offerings are far more supreme. The only things that JioMeet brings in with it are the Waiting Room, Schedule Meetings, Personal Meet ID’s and Speaker layouts, but that’s about it.

This is all it offers. While on the contrary, apart from the already mentioned features, Zoom also offers Gallery View, Virtual Backgrounds, Personal Meet ID’s Customisations, recording of calls, features for subtitles and raising hands, and much more in its store for you to explore.

Although, JioMeet is still in the beta mode and there are still chances that these features might be added onto it in the final stage.

Quality of Video Call

As of now, in comparison to Zoom, many users have reported that JioMeet has a poor quality of video that it supports; and there are a lot of network jitters found to sploit the overall experience. When placed under low connection speed for testing purposes; JioMeet could not even establish a stable connection, so HD Quality might have to wait for now. On the contrary, Zoom has been a part of this domain for a long time now and has an obvious advantage in this arena.

As per users, Zoom also has certain network irritations but is always taken care of in no time and that’s what makes Zoom where it is today. So, in totality, JioMeet has not yet established a strong foundation in its video calling foundation; and it is going to take some time before it can rift a strong clash with its opponent.

Security & Encryption – JioMeet Vs Zoom 

As far as security is concerned, which is a major concern for everybody nowadays after the recent incidents; JioMeet has stood up to its mark and had successfully granted utmost security to its chats and personal meetings.

Zoom had recently been reported with strange bummers into chats and unknown people entering without any sought of security check. But with JioMeet, this will never be the case. All the videos are protected by the password by default and nobody can enter without proper authorizations.


All points taken under consideration, it is obvious that Zoom is undeniable; the superior one in this comparison, at least, until now. JioMeet is still in its development stage and has scope for improvement in many aspects. Furthermore, there are still too many aspects, JioMeet needs to work on before coming to par with Zoom; who is the king of the video conferencing platform.

Although, if you still think you can accept JioMeet even with its shortcomings; then JioMeet is a good option to explore, keeping in mind its free offerings.

Is JioMeet safe?

Yes, JioMeet is safe and allows up to 24 hours of free encrypted video conferencing.

What is the disadvantage of Zoom?

The main disadvantage of Zoom is poor video quality. The video is blurry when you are on a conference call.

Is JioMeet free?

Yes, JioMeet is free and you can create unlimited meetings in a day.

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