How To Access Xbox On PC? [Step-By-Step Guide]

Access Xbox On PC

Let’s see how you can access Xbox on PC. Knowing that both Windows and Xbox have been made by Microsoft, we can say they have some similarities. This means your Windows desktop is quite similar to the Xbox. You can stream your favorite games, share data, and do much more. People who like the seamless environment will want to pair their Windows and Xbox.

All you need is a good network setup other than that everything is a simple process. Both your devices need to be connected to a similar network. If you are planning to stream Xbox games on your PC then make sure both devices are connected through Ethernet connection to your WiFi.

Steps To Access Xbox On PC

You can download the Xbox Console Companion app to get overall control over your Xbox One console through your PC. This app can let you turn on or off your Xbox from your PC and also you can stream and play games on your PC. The application will let you chat with friends and also let you play with buddies. Play your favorite games on your PC screen.

To motivate players to use this feature all Windows PCs have pre-installed this application. Use the exact same user account that you use for your Xbox and Microsoft accounts. Many players stream their Xbox through PC.

Even though you have signed the same accounts, you still need to complete some steps. Let’s learn how to do it manually.

  • To start the process press the Connection button on the left side menu of the app.
Click On Connection Option
  • There you will see an Add a Device button, click on it.
Click On Add A Device
  • Windows will try to search your network and find the Xbox that is connected to that network. If your Xbox name appears press the Connect button on the right side.
Click The Connect Button

If the name doesn’t appear automatically you will have to go into Settings > Device and Streaming > Device Connections, there you have to allow Play to Stream permission. Also, allow Game Streaming to Other Devices and Only From Profiles Signed In On This Xbox.

Allow The Permissions

Once the permissions are allowed you can see your Xbox name in the list. You can now control your Xbox from the app. You can check your Xbox games and check the streaming quality. Having a high-speed network is necessary to get a smooth gaming experience. At least have a 10mbps or plus network speed.

How to access Xbox games on a PC?

You can easily stream your Xbox games onto your PC from the Connection tab. The connection tab has a button for Stream. Press the button to start your streaming service.

Click On Stream

After you are connected, you can connect your Xbox controller to your PC or you can just control your PC from Xbox. If you see any lagging issues, you can try connecting the console itself. After connecting your controller, you can use the Xbox stream just like normal. Play games or chat with friends.

Final Words

Hopefully, you learned how to pair your Xbox and PC together. Playstation does not have such strong features. The Stadia failed and PlayStation Plus on PC still struggles. Gamers love to stream games sometimes to be more comfortable in their bedroom instead of the living room. Sometimes your PC monitor has better specifications and performs outstanding as compared to your TV screen. So, it is very beneficial to access Xbox on PC.