How To Make Beacon In Minecraft? [Step-By-Step Guide]

Make Beacon In Minecraft

Let’s see how you can make beacon in Minecraft. Having a beacon in Minecraft survival tells that you have spent hours mastering your skills. Because creating a beacon means you have to fight a lot of mobs. In case you have all the materials needed and don’t know how to build a beacon then follow our step-by-step guide.

Beacon is not only a showpiece but also gives abilities such as regeneration, haste, speed, resistance, and strength while being around. You can make a beacon in almost all versions of Minecraft and each version has the same recipe and materials required. If you like the detailed guide below, make sure you share this with your friends and families.

Materials Required To Make Beacon In Minecraft

Here are some things that are necessary to build a beacon. Some of them are obtained very easily but one of them is really hard to achieve.

  • 1 Nether Star
  • 5 Glass Blocks
  • 3 Obsidian

Finding a Nether Star is the hardest part of this. You will need to defeat the Wither boss in order to get a Nether star in Minecraft. Spawning the wither is not a simple task. It takes a lot of preparation and hard work. And all that only matters if you defeat the wither.

Recipe To Make Beacon In Minecraft

  • Open your crafting table where you can use 3×3 crafting space. There will be 9 boxes on the crafting table. You are going to use all 9.
  • You will see 9 boxes in 3 by 3 square shapes. You have to place your 5 glasses, 3 obsidian, and 1 nether star on the crafting table. To make the beacon you have to place them in a specific manner.
  • In the upper 3 boxes, you need to fill 3 glasses. In the middle 3 boxes, you need to place two glasses and 1 Nether Star. The nether star will be in the middle and two glasses will be beside the star. In the lower 3 boxes, you have to place our 3 obsidian. You will see your beacon on the right box of the crafting table.
Place Nether Star Obsidian And Glass
  • Now you can drag and drop that beacon inside your inventory and you are done! Just place the beacon in a nice and tidy spot. It will make your home look like a star and also will give you some extra abilities.

Placing your first-ever beacon in the Minecraft world is an honor that only some of us can feel. Hopefully, you learned the recipe. Don’t forget to forward this knowledge ahead to your Minecraft buddies. This was our simple and straightforward step-by-step guide to make beacon in Minecraft.

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