How To Add Link To TikTok Bio? [Easy Guide]

Add Link To TikTok Bio

In this article, we have mentioned ways to check if you can add link to TikTok bio, and ways to switch to a business account if you need one on TikTok. We have also mentioned the reasons why it’s useful.

How to See If You Can Add A Website To Your TikTok Bio?

In the profile of some users, there is already a feature of adding a clickable link to their profile. In order to check if your profile has that feature too and if you too can add a link to TikTok bio, click on the Me tab and then tap on Edit profile. An option saying website will be present there if you already have that feature in your profile. If adding a website option is lacking from your profile, you can change your account in order to bring that option. See below to know how you can do it.

How To Add Link To TikTok Bio? (Business Accounts)

If the option to add link to TikTok Bio lacks in your account, you can get that option by converting your account into a business account. This can be done for free and you can always convert the business account to your previous account. Nothing other than analytic data is lost while changing back in forth between the two accounts.

Note: The difference that comes while using a personal account and a business account is the availability of sounds and songs used to create videos. Some songs and sounds are not for commercial use and therefore business accounts cannot use them.

  • Click on the Me tab.
  • Then, click on Edit profile.
  • After that, click on Add your website.
Click On Add Your Website
  • At last, paste the website address into the website box and click on Save.

Use Of Added Link To The TikTok

Now that you know how you can add link to TikTok bio, you need to understand what this link can be used for. These links can be used by you to connect your audience with other of your content and support you directly. Some linking options are given below.

  • In order to promote your work, you can add a personal website.
  • In order to draw contributions, you can add a PayPal account.
  • You can add a Patreon page for contributions.
  • In order to let your audience know you better, you can add an about page.
  • You can add a cause you want to support.

This will help you in connecting the audience with the various websites you want them to go to.

What Links Can Be Included In The Bio For A Personal TikTok Account?

We’ve already discussed how can you add link to TikTok Bio on your personal account. Not all kinds of links you can add to your TikTok Bio as TikTok is very peculiar with the types of links that can be added in the bio. You can add links of your Instagram account and your YouTube channel. You can also write the links to any other websites but it won’t be clickable.

How To Switch Back To A Personal TikTok Account?

If you’ve converted your personal account to business in order to be able to add link to TikTok Bio, and now you want to switch back to your personal account then follow the below-given steps.

Note: While converting from a business account to a personal account, you might lose some analytical data.

  • Click on the Me tab.
  • After that, click on the Three dots present in the upper right corner.
Click On The Three Lines
  • Now, click on Manage account.
Click On Manage Account
  • At last, click on the Switch to personal account and click Confirm.
Click On Switch To Personal Account

Final Words

We hope now you have got a complete idea of how you can add a link to the TikTok bio. The above-mentioned steps are easy to understand and follow. But if you still facing any trouble in following the mentioned procedures, then you can ask us about your problem by placing a comment in the comment box below.

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