Apple 5G Modem To Replace Qualcomm: Here’s What To Expect

Apple 5G Modem

Apple never failed to amaze its users. To give the fastest network experience, Apple is bringing Apple 5G Modem into the market.

The Apple M1 chip was the first step of Apple towards its dream of custom silicon. The company’s next step is to replace the Qualcomm modems with the new Apple 5G modems in the iPhones. Even the M1 chip turned out just OK. Now, Apple is trying the same tricks for the iPhone that was used for Mac.

Apple’s senior vice president of hardware technologies said to their employees, “the company is working on its private “Internal cellular modem.”  This announcement was enough to tumble the shares of Qualcomm by 4.4%.

Apple 5G Modem – Introduction

A cellular modem or a 5G modem helps the smartphone connect to the network using cellular data. The new modems have 5G speed, and one of these modems is Qualcomm Snapdragon X55, which is used in the new iPhone 12.

These types of modems are used in all of the iPhones and tablets. Moreover, some laptops support a 4G LTE SIM card and don’t require any Wi-Fi connection to connect with the web. Replacement of Qualcomm modems will create the probability that Apple will be utilizing a 5G support on its MacBook lineup. Just like current Apple watches, eSIM can be utilized.

Qualcomm and Apple: Legal Battle

You must be wondering that Apple is finally wake up in 2020 with its new strategy of replacing Qualcomm modems. But Qualcomm and Apple settled up a two-year-long battle in April 2019. And in July 2019, Apple procured the smartphone modem division of Intel for $1billion. At that time, Apple confirmed that it’s going to replace the Qualcomm modems.

iPhone 12 is receiving many negative reviews because of its poor battery performance while using 5G. It might be due to the external 5G modem that encourages Apple to bring its own 5G modem in the Apple iPhones.

What to expect from the Apple 5G Modem?

With the Apple 5G modem, the company will have more opportunities. Like the M1 chip on the Mac, line up allowed it to access all the Mac system iOS applications. If Silicon Valley decides to go with its private 5G modem, there will be more cross-device compatibility and consistency.

Things you can expect from Apple 5G modem:

  • Users can expect a better battery life from the Apple 5G modem. Because in the new iPhone 12, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chip defeated the Apple 5G due to its integrated modem.
  • We can say that the new 5G modem will be the next big thing for iPhone users.
  • Also, we can expect the 5G modem integrated with the same chip on the iPads.
  • Maybe there will be a 5G enabled MacBook in the future.


However, Apple is already working on creating a modem that will run on iPhone, iPad, and maybe on Apple watch. There are chances you can enjoy the 5G on MacBook using e-SIM.

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