Why Does Apple Music Keep Pausing? [Explained]

Apple Music Keep Pausing

Apple Music is one of the most popular music streaming services used widely. Having a great collection of songs, the iPhone users love using it along with its varied customizations and features available. So, any disruption in the services of Apple Music makes the users get a lump in their throat. In this article, we will clear out the problems if your Apple Music keep pausing on your iPhone.

Reasons Apple Music Keep Pausing

To be honest, there is no such major reason that has been detected yet for Apple Music getting paused. Users have noticed that after the update of iOS 11, this kept on happening and they have not found a way out of this. Users have nothing to do with the reason, until and unless someone is techy. All they need is to resolve the problem. So for that, we are coming up with a solution to this.

To all the Apple Music users, do follow the below-mentioned steps if you are facing the issue of Apple Music getting stopped:

  • In most cases, restarting the device has been the best solution till date. If any app needs a troubleshooting process, they do that meanwhile you are restarting your device.
  • If restarting does not work out, go to the Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Apple Music.
Tap On Settings - Apple Music
  • Then follow these series of options Music > Edit > All Songs.
  • The moment you get the ‘All Songs’ option, click on ‘Delete’ and erase all of them.
  • After that, sync all your songs again.
  • If re-syncing of tracks does not work out, the next option is turning off Siri. To everyone’s surprise, this can really help you out since whenever your music is on and you are going to use Siri, there is a clash between the two.
  • In case all of the above-mentioned methods have not solved your issue yet, try re-installing the ‘Apple Music’ app on your device.


All the mentioned methods can solve your complication related to “Apple Music keep pausing” issue. It should not persist after you try out all these one after the other, till Apple Music resolves the problem of getting paused.

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