How Much Spotify Pays Per Stream? [Complete Info]

How Much Spotify Pays Per Stream

In this article, we will explain how much Spotify pays per stream, how much Spotify pays per stream in India, and how much Spotify pays for 1 million streams. But before jumping on the answers, let us tell a little about Spotify.

By now, you must have heard people whining about numerous ads playing on Spotify and that buying a premium can only save you from the hands of ads. So, it is pretty clear that Spotify is a digital platform for all the artists around the world, who want to showcase their talent in music, singing, audio stories, podcasts, and many more.

A music streaming platform with a collection of over 70 million tracks, various things can go unnoticed, and being a user, you are supposed to know that. You have the proper knowledge that Spotify would keep on giving you recommendations based on the genres of songs you love to hear and that you can make your own playlist and podcast and upload your creation as an artist too.

But, being an artist, how will you be able to make money from this, and how much will that be? Got curious, right? Well, then you have found the correct article where you would get a clear idea. By the end of this article, we will make sure that you get a sheer grasp on this matter.

How Much Spotify Pays Per Stream?

Spotify has been making money from ads and the purchase of premium accounts. Now, the artists who have been releasing their songs on the music streaming platform are paid the royalty every month, by calculating the number of streams they have encountered in a month. The average payout was $0.00521 in the very beginning, which dropped to $ 0.00437 after a span of two years.

Again, by the year 2017, the payout was reduced to $0.00397, which is currently $0.0033. This means, at present, you are bound to have 250 streams at least to earn a dollar. Is that what an artist deserves? Several artists have gone against this and have spoken about it too. But, nothing is gonna happen as an aftereffect of it.

This has been the sole reason for artists wanting to perform live shows or even releasing their songs on any other platform that would pay around $0.0054 for sure. But remember, the rates are totally negotiable. The rate is not fixed based on how an artist is performing. It mainly depends upon the person who is streaming your content, the geographical location of that person as well as how many times your music is streamed.

So, a lot more depends on the total number of streams on Spotify; and an artist’s total number of streams on the platform. To be precise, from the total revenue generated; Spotify keeps a 30% share and gives the rest of the 70% to the songwriters, composers, and right holders. Out of this 70%, an artist directly gets a negligible amount in hand.

How much Spotify Pays per Stream in India?

Again, it is to be noted that the amount that Spotify pays per stream in India is uncertain and negotiable. It usually varies from 0.10 to 0.15 paisa. Sometimes, it also goes up to 0.18 paisa, but never more than that. But, the truth is that an artist is underpaid; the one who records and publishes earns a lot more percentage than the one who writes and sings.

This has been the worst part since there is no direct contact between artists and the right holders who record. Spotify pays its share of revenue to the right holders and according to the direct agreement between the artist and right holder; an artist is paid in a meager way. Moreover, Spotify premium accounts are purchased at a lesser price compared to other countries.

Since there is a fluctuation in the very beginning; the revenue collected is also less, and hence, the payout varies too. There are variations in the advertisement cost too, which majorly depends upon the market. Since these values change constantly, there is a change in the payout. So, not only personal streaming but also the market conditions make these distinctions.

How much does Spotify Pay for 1 Million Streams?

The amount that Spotify pays for 1 million streams also varies from one country to another. This is because the Spotify premium account price varies in the first place. According to the current data collected from major music streaming markets across various countries, the Spotify pay for 1 Million stream starts from 850.04 USD in Argentina to 5479.27 USD in Norway.


If you check out the recently published data of Spotify per-stream payout and premium account cost on your own, you will get a sheer idea of what is happening all around related to how much Spotify pays per stream. There have been protests all around the world in front of Spotify offices, but the union of musicians couldn’t change anything.

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