iPhones May Soon Detect Car Crashes, Automatically Dial 911 For You

Automatically Dial 911

Yes, now it’s possible for your iPhone to automatically dial 911. And the reason is the feature called ‘Crash Detection’. This feature can detect if you’ve run into an accident. It can definitely come to your help as a lifesaver.

According to a Wall Street Journal report, accelerometer sensors are to be added to the iPhones and Apple watches for this purpose. This sensor can detect if you’ve run into an accident.

iPhones nowadays automatically dial 911

As per the Wall Street Journal report, this feature is not something that Apple is just putting together. The company has been working on it for quite a long time since they want it to work properly even after the launch. The reason is they would never want to be responsible for a few false 911 calls.

During the testing period, this crash detection feature has detected more than 10 million potential crashes but only 50,000 calls to 911 were made. As this feature is about making calls to 911 after a crash, Apple can take references from the suspected crashes and the 911 calls that have been made to make the feature more accurate.

Moreover, this is not the first time we’re going to get this type of feature with smartphones. Google has already introduced it with their Pixel 3 devices and OnStar having it for quite some time. But if it comes with Apple devices, it’ll be more widely available among people.

In fact, the Apple watches come with a similar feature named “Fall Detection”. So, the new feature wouldn’t be something totally new for the company to be baffled over it. But all this information so far is based on some leaked documents. So, you cannot be sure of having this feature on the iPhones.

The crash detection feature to automatically dial 911 after a crash is something really useful. But Apple needs to be completely sure that it works perfectly before they launch it. All we can expect is that Apple will deliver a perfectly functioning feature.