macOS Monterey Update Is Reportedly Bricking Older Macs

MacOS Monterey Update

According to the announcements at the event of its Unleashed hardware, Apple started rolling out the macOS Monterey Update alongside the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook with a notch (which is easy to hide) on October 25. Hence you will have to proceed cautiously if you are planning to update the macOS Monterey to get your hands on the new features as the update is said to give bricking older Macs.

macOS Monterey Update Bricking Older Macs: Social Tornado

Well to seek help, users have taken to Twitter and Apple Support after the macOS Monterey update bricked the users’ Macs. As there are a bunch of the reports of the macOS 12’s bricking problem highlighted by the MacBook users; it doesn’t look like a single house issue.

Users Experience on this new update

A MacBook Pro user on the Apple Support Community said, “I was updating my MacBook Pro from 2018 and it was doing fine until the screen suddenly turned black and now it won’t turn on. I’ve checked the outlet, the cable, the brick, everything. I’ve held power for 10 seconds and nothing happens. I have no signs of life on my MacBook,”.

Is this a familiar behavior of macOS updates?

Well, if we talk about the repeating nature of the macOS update glitches then this is not the first time. It even sounds familiar, as every time the macOS update runs it bricks the older MacBook Pro models. Apple’s macOS Big Sur update bricked old MacBook Pro models as reported in the last year. Hence, in the same way, the macOS update seems to be haunting users with older Mac hardware this year also.

Wrapping up

Are you also waiting for a new update that doesn’t render your machine? If you are planning to update to macOS Monterey on your previous-gen Mac, then here’s the glitch everyone is facing. Hence, this was all magic of the macOS Monterey Update. It is bricking the older Macs and it is better to wait for the update that does not render your MacBook’s older models. Hope this blog has rendered you the best of knowledge you were expecting.