5 Best Discord Servers for Minecraft [Updated List]

Best Discord Servers for Minecraft

In case that you are a gamer, I cannot trust you if you say that you do not have any idea about Discord. Well, Discord is well-known to all the gamers out there and, you have definitely heard of Minecraft – not elongating this by writing anything about this famous game. Below mentioned are the best discord servers for Minecraft so that you can share your game strategy with others and play better!

Leave out Instagram, YouTube and Facebook – if you are a true gamer, you will definitely be on Discord to rant all day about games with various other gamers, as well as get a platform to showcase your gaming talent. Who knows if you can reach better heights with your gaming skills?

List Of Best Discord Servers for Minecraft

Here’s the list of best Discord server for Minecraft

1. Purple Prison

Purple Prison

Purple Prison is a discord server for Minecraft, where players stay online all day long and keep on chatting along with playing. This is one of the best discord servers for Minecraft, especially for the new users of Minecraft who are more into learning the games and its various strategies to win. This server also engages in giveaways.

So, if you want to try your luck out for a gift, do not forget to check out this discord server for Minecraft! This is a great community for players, who are more of a wholesome and inoffensive kind of person. Here, special bots have been set so that people are never into spamming and spreading toxicity, just because this community is only for learning and talking more about the game and not about any kind of negativity.

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2. Mystic


Mystic is the best discord server for Minecraft as it is rated as the top-most discord server. With every gamer sharing their ideas, strategies, experiences, and admins performing giveaways, Mystic is very popular among all Minecraft lovers. Apart from doing giveaways based on Minecraft, they are into giveaways of Animes Games as well.

This is a great way of increasing the traffic on their server and building up a great community. They have thousands of members relaxing out there on this discord server and chatting constantly all about this game.

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3. Hypixel


Hypixel is another community for all the players, mainly Minecraft players. From here, you can become friends by chatting and organizing a meeting, or in any other way. In case if you are not much into Minecraft, you can definitely go up for any other game such as Sky Wars and Murder Mystery, and join this discord server for being a part of a great community.

In order to join Hypixel, you are not required to be the best gamer. You can be a budding one as well to join and understand the conversation and express your love for games. Since it supports the new gamers a lot, this has been one of the best discord servers for Minecraft.

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4. Minecraft SMP

Minecraft SMP

In terms of supporting and helping out people with anything, the discord server named Minecraft SMP is the solution to everything. This discord server can also be used for Valheim and Among Us, that is to chat and play. The more you are here helping someone with the game, the more you are helping the game community to grow as a whole.

All the discord server needs active players, which help the server to grow more. Even though this discord server is not the official one, it has more than 63k players from every corner of the world. It is made by the game addicts and controlled by them as well.

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5. Midnight Oasis

Midnight Oasis

Is chatting with Minecraft addicts, the only reason to join any discord server? There are other fringe benefits too. Joining the Discord server named Midnight Oasis has been one of those tasks that are done for the sake of more and more rewards. You will find active players here, but they are more into talking about every other thing.

What people remember about Midnight Oasis are the exciting giveaways or rewards about nitro! Nitro events are organized as well. People do rate this discord server with a 5-star and share the fun-filled experience they had over here. All you need to do is log in!

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So, above mentioned were the best discord servers for Minecraft. Not only Minecraft, but they do support active participation in some other games too. Their helpful nature and the habit of gossiping all day long had made them grow into such big communities, where people actually share their thoughts. You will never find any kind of toxicity in the mentioned servers.

They always maintain cordial relationships with all and have a very comforting environment the moment you join there. No one wants to be bullied when you are doing something to relax, so a cooperative nature is imbibed in every one of them. All the mentioned servers almost have the same features. Though the difference in features has been presented here, the rest you will understand once you join.

What is the biggest discord server?

Genshin Impact has the biggest discord server with 733,911 members.

Which country uses discord the most?

US uses discord server the most.

Why is discord so popular?

Discord is popular among gamers and streamers as it is the best application for communication while gaming.

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