8 Best Bumper Cases For iPhone 12 Pro Max You Can Buy

Best Bumper Cases For iPhone 12 Pro Max

iPhone 12 Pro Max has been the largest iPhone till date, bearing a 6.7-inch screen. After making such a great investment, you will have to protect that investment properly, or else the fear of damage remains in the mind of the user. I guess that the fear of dropping an iPhone is unbearable, so the legit option is to make another small investment by purchasing a cover for it and protecting the iPhone to its level best. So, here goes a list of the best bumper cases for iPhone 12 Pro Max to save your phone from drops and notches.

List Of Best Bumper Cases For iPhone 12 Pro Max

When you are using premium features bearing phone, you will also want the material of safeguarding to be a fine one. So, here’s the list of best bumper cases for iPhone 12 Pro Max.

1. ESR Cloud Soft Case With MagSafe

ESR Cloud Soft Case

ESR Cloud Soft Case with MagSafe is exclusively designed for the total protection of your iPhone 12 Pro Max. This MagSafe case carries a sleek texture on the outer part which feels good when touched. The microfibre is also lying in the inner section which further protects the phone. This silicone case with Magsafe is one of the best bumper cases for iPhone 12 Pro Max since it provides a seamless experience of wireless charging when connected with the Magsafe charger.

Several hours behind manufacturing it gives the Magsafe case a shiny look, and safe enough to protect your iPhone 12 Pro Max from any scratches, promote wireless charging, does not matter how it is set on the Magsafe charger.

2. CaseMate Case

CaseMate Case

This twinkle ombre case from Case-Mate for iPhone 12 Pro Max is transparent, consisting of glitter foils that give a glittery finish to your phone. The sides of the cover are smooth enough for a good grip and at the place of the side buttons, the cover has a metallic finish for enhanced usage. Case-Mate uses MicroPel Protection technology to make the case look like a new one for a longer period.

It has the advantage of 10-feet drop protection, so you can very well understand how protective it is. Being one the best bumper cases for iPhone 12 Pro Max, it allows wireless charging as well. There are more cases offered by Case-Mate of other variants, do not forget to check them out!

3. Temdan Case

Temdan Case

Enough of saving your phone from drops and notches! How about saving it from water? You read that correctly. This Temdan Case is the best bumper case for iPhone 12 Pro Max as it is water-resistant. The next time if you are worried about your phone in your pocket at the time of heavy rain, remember that you have the best protector case if you are using this one.

Other than that, it will surely save your phone from drops from all the way around since it provides 360-degree protection with two covers at the front and the back. The installation process is easy, just you need to be careful enough while setting the phone cover. And don’t worry, all this extra protection won’t stop your phone from wireless charging.

4. Totallee Case

Totallee Case

Now when you are owning an iPhone, you will want people to see that. This is kinda normal, no exaggeration is done! But how would you do that if you have put a colored and hardcover? For that, we have this Totallee Thin iPhone 12 Pro Max Case so that you can simply show off, without actually letting anyone feel so.

This is thin enough to get a good grip on your iPhone and protect from drops as well. An added advantage is that this does not turn out to be yellow like all other cases and is fully flexible. For being so thin and light, it does not add much weight to your phone too.

5. LifeProof Wake Case

LifeProof Wake Case

All this time you were only thinking about your phone! But what about the environment? Our environment is supposed to be looked at when it comes to maintaining all the garbage. Keeping this in mind, LifeProof has the most innovative way of converting maximum plastic waste to phone covers. Isn’t that interesting? On one side, it is protecting your phone even if it is dropped from a height of 2 meters.

On the other side, it is keeping an eye on the environment as well. It is made up of 85% ocean-based content and recyclable material. Do use this product for sure you are expected to be a responsible citizen too. With this great innovation, LifeProof brings you one of the best bumper cases for iPhone 12 Pro Max, which has wavy designs at the back to make it look classy and allows a good grip over the phone as well.

6. OtterBox Defender Series XT

OtterBox Defender Series XT

If you are the one for whom carrying a bulky phone would not matter much, then you can have this case. OtterBox Defender Series XT – the name itself suggests that it is simply going to protect your iPhone 12 Pro Max from any kind of drops, scratches, or notches. This is compatible with MagSafe wireless charging and is made up of 50% of recycled plastic.

While manufacturing, it goes through a series of tests for checking the strength of the case. For its triple-layer protection, it is no doubt the best bumper case for iPhone 12 Pro Max. It comes with a holster inside the pack, that can help in using the device hands-free.

7. Raptic Shield Case

Raptic Shield Case

This case is a hardy one, with raised edges and also space around the camera. It has a transparent look at the back, making it more classy than expected. Raptic Shield Case has the power to protect your phone from a 10 feet drop. This case will provide extra protection to your phone from breakage as well.

But there is no screen protector given with the case. So that sums up to an added disadvantage. It is shockproof and supports wireless charging using that Magsafe wireless charger.

8. Velvet Caviar Case

Velvet Caviar Case

Not everyone wants a case with a raised level of protection. Some people want to show their case which is more fashionable. For them, this Velvet Caviar Case is the most suitable one. It has many other designs, do check them out! It uses the best laser technology for printing those designs.

Even if it is fashionable, it would protect your phone from drops and shocks. Moreover, it has a raised edger around the camera, so that it can provide extra protection to the space around the top-notch camera.

Final Words

So, that’s the list of the best bumper cases for iPhone 12 Pro Max. The list has been prepared by keeping various customer perspectives in mind. All the users might not care for an extra level of protection, some need a cover just to show off or a minimum level of protection. Some more could have been added, but only the best ones have been included here.

Does the iPhone 12 Pro Max need a screen protector?

Yes you should go for a screen protector for your iPhone 12 Pro Max to keep it safe from scratches and drops.

How do I protect my iPhone 12 Pro Max?

To protect your iPhone 12 Pro Max, put a screen protector and a bumper case.

Which is the best case for the iPhone 12 Pro Max?

OtterBox Defender Series XT is the best case for the iPhone 12 Pro Max.