10 Best Flight Tracking Apps For iPhone/Android [Free & Paid]

Best Flight Tracking Apps For iPhone

You are never late to catch the right flight if you have installed any of these best flight tracking apps for iPhone and Android. The flight-tracking application assists you throughout your journey. It keeps you informed about changes in estimates/delays in arrival and departure time.

The applications act smart in ways like save dates as reminders and book a hotel for a safe stay. These applications even let you enjoy the 3D view, track routes, and provides you many interesting services.

Best Flight Tracking Apps For iPhone/Android

Here’s the list of best flight tracking apps for iPhone and Android.

1. Flightradar24


Flightradar24 allows you to customize the application as per your comfort. For instance, you can filter the flights by airlines, or tap on the plane to see the estimated/delay time of its arrival and departure or you can also check the live status. You can even look for the list of flights running in your area.

Meanwhile, in the air, you can experience the thrill of a pilot view in 3D of an aircraft. With a 3D view, the application facilitates you to learn flight’s altitude, wind, speed, and temperature. Never worry about the local weather condition of your destination when you have the Flightradar24 application.

By upgrading this application to the silver or gold version, you can unlock a live map and 365 days backup history feature plus data of old flights at $1.49/month.

2. FlightAware


Stay aware of your flight with FlightAware, ranking among the best flight tracking apps for iPhone. This application tracks your flight with real-time status. It sends you personalized notifications of your flights including arrival time, departure time, delay in arrival/departure, cancellation of flight, and gate changes.

Another feature that this application provides is the in-depth details of your flight while integrating a full-screen tracking map (NEXRAD radar). However, it tracks general aviation in the US and Canada only.

3. FlightStats


Plan your much-awaited vacation with Flightstats. This flight-tracking application offers you a flawless experience and easy to use interface. It supports the Apple smartwatch that means you can keep your iPhone aside and can access the application within the watch anytime anywhere.

With Flightstats you can get detailed worldwide flight status such as flight number, the airport location, and exact route.

Further, you can add shortcuts on your phone screen. This application offers an interesting widget named ‘Flightstats Today’ that monitors the flight’s current position from the locked screen of your iPhone.

4. Plane Finder

Plane Finder

What makes Plane Finder stand different, is the use of augmented reality. With this unique feature, you can spot which plane is flying overhead by clicking the picture of the plane from your device camera and upload it to the application. The rest of the job is of Plane Finder.

Another rich feature is that it tracks airplanes on a worldwide map. If you are an aviation enthusiast or a frequent traveler, this flight-tracking application is a match for you. Letting you discover what is the live air traffic, this application gives you complete flight history. For any reason, if you are curious, to know more you can get old flight’s history as well.

5. Flighty


If you travel more often, you must know where your flight is, where is it locating now? Try Flighty that keeps you updated about your plane’s live location and tracks the flight’s path in real-time. You can also clock your time with the pilot’s timetable.

It has a notable UI that let you access FAA advisories, get alerts of delay in arrival/departure, weather forecast, and even sends warning that you won’t leave unprepared.

Further, it makes the journey more comfortable letting it sync with your calendar and importing all your schedules. It also syncs with TripIt, Taxi times and has features like email forwarding and check-in.

Features like delays forecast, calendar, sync, pilot grade FAA alert are accessible in the premium version, starting at $8.99/month.

6. ADSB Flight Tracker

ADSB Flight Tracker

ADSB Flight Tracker tracks the flights in radar style and displays a 3D radar view, which is similar to the radar screen. You can also filter plane or specific information through different parameters and variables available on the application.

This application uses GPS that provides real-time location and other details like speed, direction, and altitude of the current movement. An additional feature is the Proximity alert that sends warnings in audio and video format.

ADSB Flight Tracker supports over 1000 airlines includes Harrier, Beluga, Apache, Chinook, and many other planes. You can also try moving your smartphone at a 360-degree angle to see where the plane is located.

7. Planes Live

Planes Live

Planes Live is a user-friendly application that backs you up with pick-up schedules of flights. You will receive alerts regarding flight status with real-time arrival/departure and other inclusive information like terminal and gate updates. Also, this application provides weather information for a specific location.

‘My places’ a feature in it, make it handy to track a flight, add preferred airports and locations on a world map. You can even spot other planes near to you and can get details from model numbers like routes, and schedules.

However, it is ad-free version but you can unlock its premium version start at $4.99/week.

8. App In The Air

App In The Air

If you are planning to hire travel assistance, try App In The Air once. This application provides key information and options to save your money on flights. Being a frequent traveler, you can book flights right away.

It’s always a smart choice to book accommodation before you leave. App In The Air not only serves hotel booking but also finds you one within your budget and comfort while syncing travel planes via Tripit. This application sends you timely notifications regarding status changes which eventually save your time. In case if the destination is new for you, this application can search for a better place to eat.

Whilst featuring back-up flight history, App In The Air filters information in terms of hours, miles, and cities. You can import history on email. With its pro version ($29.99/year), you will also get to track real-time flight status and automated check-in.

9. The Flight Tracker

The Flight Tracker

You enjoy a trip the most when it is hassle-free and tailored as per your plan. The Flight Tracker application keeps all your travel details in one place. It makes boarding easy with the airline by scanning QR codes on the application and can also track any flight in the world while keeping crucial details like arrival/departure, delays, and real-time updates of terminals and gates. It also notifies you about the live status of your flight.

Further, this application features auto-sync with TripIt Account and calendar where you can add notes comprise of flight details. The Flight Tracker gives you real-time updates of local weather at your destination. To keep you engage, this application shares interesting aircrafts facts that you may not have read before.

If you switch to premium membership ($1.99/month), you will get additional features that include practical widgets, seat maps and not to mention ad-free access.

10. Live Flight Status

Live Flight Status

Live Flight Status is a simple yet useful application. You can rely on this application for timely updates. You can search for any flight; track its route with its clear user interface. To get particular about the flight, you can search by departure/arrival date. Live Flight Status covers approx 92% of the world’s flight data.

This application also shows estimated and actual runway departure/arrival and other pieces of information like delays, terminal & gate numbers, and more. Live Flight Status application deserves attention for not charging any extra amount for its services.

Which is the best flight tracker app for iPhone?

FlightAware is the best flight tracker application for iPhone.

Is there an app to identify planes flying overhead?

Yes, there is an app named Flightradar24, that will give you information about the planes flying overhead.

Is the Flight Tracker app free?

It is free but it also has two upgrade options that are Silver membership and Gold membership.

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