6 Best Google Photos Alternatives For Android And iOS

Best Google Photos Alternatives

Here’s the list of Best Google Photos Alternatives For Android & iOS...

This year, Google dropped a bomb and announced that Google Photos would cease providing free limitless storage from June 2021. This has come as a shock to millions of people who have been using the application for ages to back up their photos and videos.

If you are in search of an application that provides free limitless storage, then you have come to the right place. Let’s go forward and take a look at the Best Google Photos Alternatives for Android and iOS, which offer cloud backup at original resolutions.

List of Best Google Photos Alternatives

Here’s the list of best Google photos alternatives.

1. Amazon Photos

Amazon Photos

This is one of the best Google Photos alternatives, which is even better if you already have an Amazon Prime membership. It provides unlimited cloud storage, but this only allows or accept photos.

To store 5GB of videos and other files, you will have to pay extra. On the bright side, the limitless photo storage can be shared with up to 6 members of the family on a solitary membership.

Just like how Google photos automatically sync your pictures, this app also does it for you but all the photos and videos will be deleted permanently if the subscription is canceled.

It may not be as good as Google Photos, but it’s a commendable replacement to the long-used application.

2. Dropbox


Dropbox is a very prominent Cloud storage service that can also automatically sync your photos and store them in a secured drive. The major drawback of this particular application is that you have limited free storage.

It only accepts 2GB of photos and videos; for more, you will have to choose one of its paid plans that are highly expensive compared to other options. Dropbox’s security may be high, but it may not be worth the amount you have to pay, for everyone’s budget.

3. Flickr


Flickr is an amazing app developed a long time back, but it’s not that popular. Experienced and amateur photographers majorly use it to share high-quality photos. But it can also be used by people for daily use.

It offers auto-syncing of all your photos and best-shots with high security to keep prying eyes out of your personal lives. It offers free storage of up to 1000 photos, after which you will have to pay $7 per month or $60 a year.

4. Apple iCloud

Apple iCloud

You may be already operating Apple iCloud if you are owning an iPhone. This tool is as robust as Google photos and is one of the best alternatives. It’s an amazing application that stores all photos in a safe drive, which can be accessed virtually from any Apple device.

It offers up to 5GB of free storage and comes with some cheap plans after that. All you have to pay is $1 for 50GB and $3 for 200GB. Great, isn’t it? The only drawback is that the app is strictly restricted to iPhone users. For Android users, you might want to look for other options on this list.

5. OneDrive


A cloud storage solution provided by Microsoft. A popular choice among business people due to its integration with other office applications. Like other applications listed above, this tool automatically syncs all your photos and gives free limited storage of 5GB.

It costs $2 a month for 100 GB, and for Microsoft users, it just costs $7 per month for enormous storage of 1TB. A natural choice for all Microsoft users, for work or personal.

6. Photobucket


A popular easy-to-access web portal alternative, Photobucket is also considered a great choice. You can store 250 images for free, and beyond that, an amount of $5.99 has to be paid for 25 GB. What can be better than no ads, high-quality images, and high security?

You also have a choice of Secure Private Album Sharing that gives you full control to access and share the files you wish to.

Why Get A Google Photo Alternative?

These are a few of the Best Google Photos Alternatives for Android and iOS; which we have found after a lot of researching and analyzing. You can comprehend and choose which application to download, based on your needs and budget, before it’s too late, and you end up paying extra money!

What else can I use instead of Google?

You can use Bing instead of Google.

Which is the safest search engine?

DuckDuckGo is the safest search engine.

What can I use instead of Google Photos?

You can use Shoebox instead of Google Photos.

Can anyone see my Google Photos?

No, all the photos and videos stored in Google Photos are private and visible only to you.