6 Best Notepad Alternatives For Mac [Hand Picked]

Best Notepad Alternatives For Mac

A Notepad in need is a Notepad indeed! That being said, a notepad is one of the most useful programs available on the computer. Right from listing down vegetables to running HTML codes and theoretical formulas, its one of the best placed to list down your flow of thoughts and ideas. However, have you ever thought if there was an alternative for Notepad? Well, if you did, you seem to be in luck today.

In today’s article, Fixing Port brings forth the best Notepad alternatives for Mac that you might consider to get your hands on. So, are you ready? Let’s dive right in.

List of Best Notepad Alternatives For Mac

1. TextWrangler

Talking about one of the best Notepad alternatives for Mac, TextWrangler ranks first in the list. This is a basic text editor and hands down has everything one needs. Its foundation was thought over by BBEdit and moreover, the user interface is easy to use and understand for daily users. So, this App serves as a perfect word processing application. Furthermore, mentioning the highlight of TextWrangler, you can not only write codes in here but also can save them in your desired format as well.

Download TextWrangler

2. TextEdit

Many users use TextEdit as a default alternate for Notepad and have accustomed themselves to its working, making it one of the best and most preferred notepad alternatives. Talking on the availability front, this software is available absolutely free and comes in with every version of Mac. Just like the above-mentioned platform, even TextEdit has an amazing UI and acts as a great word processing application.

Learn about TextEdit

3. Tincta        

It would unfair if we wouldn’t have added Tincta to this rundown. No doubt, Tincta is one of the most capable and best Notepad alternatives for Mac and also, easy to use. It is free to use and also, has a great UI. So, what can you do here? – Make notes, lists and the best part is you can even run HTML codes. This is highly rated on the App store and trust us when we say this, it is definitely worth the try.

Download Tincta

4. SubEthaEdit

If you are looking for a mumbo jumbo combo where you can make notes, list down, and even run your HTML Operations, then SubEthaEdit is one of the best Notepad alternatives you can consider to get your hands on. The highlight of this app that makes it stand out of the crowd is its ability to collaborate with other documents over the web. SubEthaEdit has won the Apple design award for its user interface and overall design. Is there anything else we need to write to convinced you or are you convinced?

Download SubEthaEdit

5. Notepad (Paid)

Yes, you read that right it’s not free, but hey, read up before you skip to your next option. This App is smooth when it comes to its operations and comes at a minimalistic price of 0.99$ on the App Store. This App has each and everything you need and we are more than happy to let you know that there hasn’t been anything from the complaint front for this App. This is one of the highest-rated Apps on App Store and why wouldn’t it be? If this is something that interests you, then go for it without blinking an eye.

Download Notepad

6. iNotepad (Paid)

Last but not the least, on the list and the final Notepad alternative for Mac today is iNotepad. This App is paid and facts being stated, is pretty expensive. One thing good about this is that this is a one-time cost after which, all the services offered by the App are absolutely free. You can do anything and every basic operation you wish to perform on your text and edit them to your heart’s content. The UI is good and the overall working experience also matches the expectations of a Mac User.

Download iNotepad

If you think we missed something out, feel free to let us know in the comment section below. Alternatively, you can connect with us through our social media handles. On that note, stay tuned to Fixing Port, your one-stop destination for all the latest news and tech updates.

What can I use instead of Notepad on Mac?

You can use TextEdit instead of Notepad on Mac.

What are the best free text editors for Mac?

The best free text editors for Mac are Vim, Komodo Edit, Sublime Text, Atom, Textmate, etc.

Is Atom better than Notepad ++?

Yes, Atom is better because you can run it on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

What is the best text editor for beginners?

The best text editor for beginners is BRACKETS.