8 Best Instagram Reels Video Editors [Updated List]

Best Instagram Reels Video Editors

Here’s the list of best Instagram Reels Video Editors.

Instagram Reels got really famous just after TikTok was banned. It was way easier for Instagram Reels to take that place as there was no place for people to upload some pathetic cringe content (not counting on the ones who showed their talents and skills). Now that we have reels, people are again into lip-sync songs and gaining popularity through them.

Keeping them aside, we do have great talents waiting for long. Many upload useful content in the form of reels such as book reviews and recommendations, English tutorials, dance performances, playing musical instruments, art, home decor, and many more. Even though these types of reels are preferred by many, still every reel needs some editing at the end.

So for that purpose, we have numerous video editors. And here, in this article, the best Instagram reels video editors have been chosen, along with their features.

List Of Best Instagram Reels Video Editors

Here’s the list of best Instagram Reels video editors that are easy to use.

1. InShot

InShot - Instagram Reels

InShot is one of the best Instagram Reels video editors for Android and iPhone. It gives various features to fit the video within the screen by cropping its actual size and even aids modified ratios so you will make vertical Reels motion pictures according to your screen size.

Moreover, you will have the option to add texts just like any other Instagram Reels video editor, change text styles, add a different shade to the text, import music from Instagram itself or even iTunes. Furthermore, you even have extensive features of video editing, along with trimming, zooming, merging two videos, making slow-motion videos, or even time-lapse. The application even allows you to add vivified stickers and emoticons, images, and photos.

All things considered, InShot is a brilliant Instagram Reels video proofreader for Android and iPhone, and you need to try it out. After editing some of the videos at no cost, InShot starts setting a watermark on videos as soon as it crosses a particular benchmark. In the event that you wish to remove the watermark, you need to get the paid version of the application.


2. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo - Instagram Reels

FilmoraGo is another best Instagram Reel Video Editor used for Android and iOS. Like other video editors, it helps various aspect ratios to be set according to your screen size and has some cool upgrading choices for Reels makers. It comprises some decent videos that are not found on various other applications.

Precisely, text-based content creation is genuinely acceptable, and the filters that can be put for the video are enough to be loved by all. Likewise, from video editing, voice-over, trimming, overlays, FilmoraGo has almost the same capacity that you would need in a premium video editor.

FilmoraGo offers many features, so you have the option to make your Instagram Reels films look flawless. Remember that FilmoraGo must be used after testing the application and its features, at least before jumping to the creation of reels.


3. VN Video Editor

VN Video Editor - Instagram Reels

VN Video Editor is another Instagram Reels video editor for Android and iOS. It is definitely more predominant than InShot and gives everyone its editing features for free. This Instagram Reels video editor application doesn’t put a watermark and that has been the best part of using it.

There are no display ads while editing or saving the video. Other than that, this Instagram Reels video editor has features that are totally specific to reels editing and not bound to normal video editing, and there is undeniably more to this. Some other features that are loved way much are multi-track upgrading, BG for background improvement, various filters, etc.

Normally, you will have all the standard video editing features. Basically, VN Video Editor is an ideal video editor for Instagram Reels without a watermark, and you should definitely try it out.


4. YouCut

YouCut - Instagram Reels

If you are scouting a free Instagram Reels video editor that doesn’t add a watermark, YouCut is the application that serves your purpose. It’s accessible just on Android and brings a considerable rundown of highlighting features like InShot. Further, the application doesn’t show promotional ads.

Concerning its usefulness, the application has all the premium kinds of video editing features that you want. You can pick your particular ratio, change the background of recordings, change shades, trim and join various reels. The text-based content function is admirable, and you have some fine textual styles too.

Also, there is an unending list of free music inside the application. On the whole, YouCut is the best Instagram Reels video editor for Android.


5. GoPro Quik

GoPro Quik - Instagram Reels

In case if you have no idea, Quik has been created by the well-known action-camera company GoPro. It upholds vertical video editing and offers a lot of expertized and current trend-based presets for your reels. You can change the video impacts, songs, add text, tweak the range, feature a bit of the video, trim, and that’s just the beginning.

The best part about Quik is that it brings uncountable video and transitions which can take your reels to an unimaginable level. Also, it leaves no watermark on the edited reels. To summarize, if you are searching for a free Instagram Reels video editor for iOS and Android, Quik is a commendable decision.


6. Funimate

Funimate - Instagram Reels

Funimate is really made for making videos for Instagram Reels. It has a colossal amount of results and filters that you might not have found on Instagram Reels. You can edit your motion pictures to remove unnecessary components, add photos, soundtracks, apply cool changes and do undeniably more.

Along with the video-editing instruments, Funimate also runs a social media account – the place where you will have the option to share your Funimate reels and make them reach millions of people. In case if you are into making a fast and charming video with modified activities and some great textual content results, Funimate might just be the appropriate decision for you.


7. BeeCut

BeeCut - Instagram Reels

BeeCut is perhaps the most cordial video editor out there, supported by iOS and Android. This application is for the ones who are not much tech-savvy but are into social media. With the use of this application, you can apply filters, transitions effects, crop, pivot, and make slideshows with a progression of still pictures.

Video yields are up to 1080 pixels, which is good and acceptable. BeeCut is easy to use and filled with some basic video editing characteristics. But it wastes a hell of a lot of time while saving the video at 1080p and crashes sometimes. Still, for beginners, this is the best Instagram reels video editor application.


8. Foodie


The name sounds good, right? For all the food lovers and food bloggers, here is another simple yet very useful Instagram reels video editor. It is available for both Android and iOS. Foodie has an unending rundown of filters to choose from and can be applied to both photos and videos.

This app can perform basic video editing works like trimming, muting the noisy background sound, and do as much editing as you want to make your food look more mouth-watering! This application itself takes photos of good quality and makes the food look natural. Other than that, this application is a bit faulty while saving videos and taking photos in low light. If these things are set, this can be the best Instagram reels video editors for beginners and bloggers.



Here comes an end to the list of the best Instagram Reels video editors. Some of the applications mentioned above are free and paid while some are best for the ones who do not have a love for technology. Keeping the various demands of users in mind, this list has been prepared. Hope it will help! In order to know which one is the best suited for you, try it out on your own.

Which is the best video editor for Instagram?

FilmoraGo is the best video editor for Instagram.

Can I edit reels on Instagram?

Yes, you can edit reels on Instagram. You can crop, add music, add filters on Instagram.

How do you make a reel go viral?

To viral a reel you can use hashtags and create quality content to get views.

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