5 Best Internet Speed Test Apps For iPhone [Updated List]

Best Internet Speed Test Apps For iPhone

The matter of Internet speed has gotten into the picture long back. But, since the lockdown and this pandemic situation, it has got more importance than ever. Moreover, when it comes to iPhone users, they already spent a lot for a premium featured phone, now they don’t want to compromise with the network facilities. So, for their ease, here in this article the best Internet speed test apps for iPhone will be recommended for their feasibility. The applications are mentioned in a particular order of their usability.

Some of these applications also work on Android, if you are looking for the best internet speed test apps for Android.

List Of Best Internet Speed Test Apps For iPhone

Here’s the list of best internet speed test apps for iPhone.

1. SpeedSmart

SpeedSmart Speed Test

Speed Smart provides the feature of checking the download speed, upload speed, and the delays made while transferring data. One can switch on the current location for better results or may keep it off as well.

Speed Smart helps to check the Internet connectivity speed of mobile networks as well as Wi-Fi, along with an average history of the previous month as well. This detailed result helps a user to get a proper picture of how the network works.


2. Internet Speed Test By Speedcheck

Internet Speed Test By Speedcheck

Internet Speed Test By Speedcheck is one of the best Internet speed test apps for iPhone. This is the simplest application that beginners can easily use. A user will just have to tap on ‘begin test’ to obtain a detailed report of the speed of the Internet connection. People who are too techy will find this one easy and reliable.


3. nPerf


nPerf – the name might sound a bit difficult, but when it comes to performing its task of checking the speed of Internet connection, then this application is an expert. This is another best Internet speed test app for iPhone, irrespective of its complex name. With a few taps, a user can get reports of streaming, browsing, binge-watching, and everything that you are supposed to do using your Internet connection.

While it keeps checking the speed, it opens up every other application for a matter of seconds to let you know which application is running at what data speed. This is a great tool for the ones who are in love with technology-related stuff. And the most interesting part is that all this information is available at no cost.


4. Speedtest Master

Speedtest Master

Speedtest Master is a very basic kind of speed test app for iPhone, that gives a user a report on download and upload speed. Even though it is very simple to use. Its added feature of keeping track of previous data is commendable. This is because the previous data are provided as a list as well as graphs. Graphs have always been catchy and with this feature; a user can get well acquainted with the service they are being provided by their Internet Service Provider.


5. Speedtest by Ookla

Speedtest by Ookla

Is there anyone who has not heard of Ookla yet? Any person who has little knowledge of this tech world is well versed with this name Speedtest by Ookla as it has by far been the best Internet speed test apps for iPhone. Whenever the matter of Internet speed check comes up, Ookla has always been named for this.

Ookla has the power to check the speed of Wi-Fi as well as mobile networks and comes up with the option of a single or multi-connection check. This application can perform the speed check in a very straightforward and simple method and provides the result in such a format that it is easy to understand. Some other added features are also there, which are only available for the paid version.



So, these were the best Internet speed test apps for iPhone. Now you don’t have to worry when you are traveling. You can always keep a detailed check on how well your Internet provider is going to provide services in different areas.

What is the best app for testing Internet speed?

Speedtest by Ookla is the best application for testing Internet speed.

What is the most accurate Internet speed test app?

Meteor is the most accurate Internet speed test application.

What’s a good WiFi speed?

A speed above 25 Mbps is on the list of good Wi-Fi speed. You can easily watch HD streams, gaming, and browsing.

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