10 Best iPhone 14 Pro MagSafe Cases [Expert Picks]

Best iPhone 14 Pro MagSafe Cases

Here’s a list of the best iPhone 14 Pro MagSafe cases.

MagSafe wireless charging has to be one of the best and most convenient features that have been introduced for the iPhone in the past few years. This feature has not only become a way to provide super easy charging for iPhone users but also has opened up a number of new opportunities for accessory makers and sellers. The accessory makers of MagSafe have introduced MagSafe power banks, wallets, stands, and a number of other things. In case you have become a member of the Apple ecosystem recently by buying the iPhone 14 Pro or any other version of the iPhone then you must get a mobile cover or case for your iPhone with Magsafe support.

You may think “why is the case so needed and is suggested to buy at once with your iPhone?”, the simple answer to your question is convenience and protection. If you wish to protect your expensive and newly bought iPhone then it’s important to cover it with a mobile case. Also if you wish to latch it magnetically to a wireless charger and have the access to the easiest way of charging then this case from Magsafe is absolutely necessary.

List Of Best iPhone 14 Pro MagSafe Cases

The best iPhone 14 Pro Magsafe cases are mentioned in this article. The MagSafe case for almost every kind of customer is available. Starting from floral points to silicone and clear points, every type of MagSafe case is described in this article. So that you can easily go through the features of each case and choose the one according to your liking. Let’s check them out!

1. Mkeke Clear Case With MagSafe

Mkeke Clear Case With MagSafe

Mkeke clear case is the most basic kind of MagSafe case for your iPhone 14 Pro. It is not only cheap but also very durable and has anti-yellowing properties. You get a transparent TPU case with precise cutouts only for $20. You also get a variety of different choices as it comes in a number of color finishes. It is a best seller and has a very good rating along with the Climate Pledge Friendly badge on Amazon.

Similar to Apple, Mkeke clear case has MagSafe wireless charging support which is the most essential part. The only difference is that it has more powerful N52SH magnets offering a magnetic attraction of 2600Gs that is almost seven times stronger than any other ordinary magnet. This strong magnet makes sure that you’re iPhone 14 Pro does not fall off the wireless charger by getting loose. This phone case also has compatibility with all the other Qi-certified MagSafe chargers, car mounts, and many more.

Ample protection is provided by this iPhone 14 Pro Magsafe case to protect against all accidental drops and scratches. Around the screen and the camera, it has raised bezels and shock-absorbing airbags at the sides. All these features make this MagSafe iPhone case one of the best iPhone 14 Pro Magsafe cases.

2. Spigen Mag Armor Case

Spigen Mag Armor Case

Spigen is another wonderful accessory maker for Apple users. It is well known and it makes some really great accessories for your iPhone. On our list, the mag armor case of Spigen comes in second place. The slim profile of this case is one of its best features along with the in-built strong magnets that help in Magsafe wireless charging.

It has tactile buttons and patterned and textured edges that provide a better grip and a cool look. Air cushion technology is used at the corners to protect your iPhone against scratches and accidental drops. This MagSafe cover not only looks cool but also is very budget friendly so it might be the best option for you if you’re looking for a MagSafe cover to match your cool style on a budget.

3. TORRAS UPRO Matte Case With Stand

TORRAS UPRO Matte Case With Stand

On our list, the third is TORRAS UPRO Matte Case with stand. This is the perfect MagSafe case for iPhone users who travel a lot or are fascinated by the pop sockets as this iPhone MagSafe case comes with a built-in stand for your iPhone 14 Pro. You must already be aware of the fact that all wireless charging iPhone case comes with a circular magnetic array on the backside to enable wireless charging. This iPhone case has a very wittily used design that includes a stand that is also a magnetic ring and it opens up to 120 degrees.

The magnetic ring of this case has Halbach magnets that are 5 times stronger than ordinary magnets. All MagSafe devices like Qi-compatible wireless chargers, car mounts, wallets, etc can be used with this case. It has drop protection of almost 10 feet and shock-absorbing airbags that deliver military-grade protection.

4. Apple Silicone Case With MagSafe

Apple Silicone Case With MagSafe

Apple Silicone Case with MagSafe is in the fourth place on our list of best iPhone 14 Pro Magsafe cases. This case is not only exquisite but also a bit expensive. It costs around fifty dollars and has a microfiber lining on the inside with a soft silicone touch on the outside. This microfiber lining protects your phone from scratches and the silicone exterior safeguards your iPhone from accidental drops and mechanical shocks.

This Apple Silicone case is one of the most basic kinds of iPhone case and has a perfect alignment of your MagSafe wireless charger with your iPhone. Other Qi wireless chargers, car mounts, MagSafe-certified charges, etc can be used with this case very neatly because of its strong magnets. So if you have no budget restriction then you should definitely go for this official MagSafe case from Apple.

5. Sonix iPhone 14 Pro Floral MagSafe Case

Sonix iPhone 14 Pro Floral MagSafe Case

Sonix has a beautiful-looking MagSafe case that delivers a 100% TPU for your iPhone 14 Pro. This case has floral designs on its back and you get the option to choose from many different versions of the floral designs and gold foiled details. Not only this case is beautiful looking but also has raised bezels on the sides and protects your iPhone from scratches and accidental drops up to almost 10 feet.

It has strong built-in magnets for wireless charging of your iPhone. Though the company has not really shared how strong the magnets of this case are, we can still safely say that these can work with Qi wireless chargers.

6. UAG Pathfinder MagSafe Rugged Cover

UAG Pathfinder MagSafe Rugged Cover

If you’re looking for the best iPhone 14 Pro Magsafe cases that are also the best-rugged cases then look no further! This beast from UAG is perfect for you. UAG Pathfinder MagSafe Rugged Cover might give you the impression of being very bulky but in contrast, it is extremely lightweight. This case has a soft inner core that is impact resistant and a hard shell on the outer side.

This case has 100% TPU sides protection along with the traction grip along the perimeter ensuring that the phone doesn’t slip off. Even after all this, if your iPhone slips off then no worries! This rugged case has military-grade protection against drops up to almost 18 feet (MIL-STD 810G). The built-in magnetic module in this case is the most essential part of it. It certainly has MagSafe wireless charging support but it is a bit expensive.

7. Caseology Nano Pop Mag Silicone Case

Caseology Nano Pop Mag Silicone Case

Caseology Nano Pop Mag Silicone Case has a dual-tone design and provides your iPhone 14 Pro protection from dust as well as lint. It is a silicone case with a great number of choices for you in dual-tone colorways like Avo green, burgundy bean, blueberry navy, and black sesame.

Caseology Nano Pop Mag Silicone case not only gives you a number of choices in colors but also has built-in magnets for your phone to get charged wirelessly through the Apple MagSafe charger. It perfectly aligns your iPhone with the MagSafe charger and keeps it securely attached to it. There is a raised camera ring design along with military-grade protection and all of this is under a reasonable price.

8. LONLI Classic Nappa Leather Case

LONLI Classic Napa Leather Case

There’s always a special place for leather cases in all lists of iPhone covers and cases and so is here. You can get yourself a leather MagSafe case if you wish to. LONLI Classic Nappa Leather Case is recommended by us if you are looking to buy a leather MagSafe case. It has wonderful ratings on Amazon. It looks extremely stunning as it is made up of Italian Nappa Leather.

According to the company, this case is made up of 100% natural and full-grain leather that feels dry when touched for the first time. But the outer side of the case becomes soft after using it regularly for some time.
The insides of this case have microfiber lining which is similar to the official Apple case. In-built magnets for wireless charging are present in this case and the magnets are strong enough to hold your iPhone tightly to the wireless charger. This case also comes with drop protection and raised corners. And the best part about this case is that it only costs you around $30.

9. ESR Classic Hybrid Magnetic Case

ESR Classic Hybrid Magnetic Case

ESR is one of the best accessory makers for iPhones in the market today and has some really amazing products launched in the local market. If you wish to strictly stick to your budget, you must go for the ESR Classic Hybrid Magnetic Case. This case is a clear acrylic case and has precise cutouts to fit your iPhone perfectly like a glove! It has strong built-in magnets with a magnetic force of 1500G for easy wireless charging. Any Hallock or MagSafe accessory can be supported by this MagSafe case.

This case is scratch resistant and has raised corners with air-guard bumpers. Three colorways of this case are available for you to choose from i.e. purple, black, and frosted black. But these colored finishes cost you an extra $5.

10. Case-Mate Wallet Folio iPhone 14 Pro Case

Case Mate Wallet Folio iPhone 14 Pro Case

The last case on our list of best iPhone 14 Pro Magsafe cases is Case-Mate Wallet Folio iPhone 14 Pro Case. Case-mate, which is a popular accessory maker for iPhone has launched this case with a perfect mix of protection and style for your iPhone. This silicone case protects your iPhone from drops and scratches while a premium pebbled leather pocket is present in the front. It too has built-in powerful magnets for wireless charging.

The company claims that abrasion-resistance properties are present in the leather wallet. The wallet has pockets to store 3 credit cards, 1 ID card, and cash. RFID shielding technology is supported by the case as well.
So overall, you not only get a leather case with MagSafe that can protect your iPhone from scratches and accidental drops along with wireless charging support but also a small wallet for yourself to carry your cards and cash. This case costs around $50 so you might need to think a little before buying it.

Final Words

So, these are the best iPhone 14 Pro Magsafe cases. You can choose any one of the cases mentioned above according to your preferred style as well as your budget. Hope this helps!

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