5 Best Microphones For Video Conferencing [Top Picks]

Best Microphones For Video Conferencing

As we all know most people are working from home due to the coronavirus effect. So, every working person needs a suitable microphone for their work. Today, we will help you to find out the best microphones for video conferencing.

Everyone is using different platforms as per their need. Some of us use Zoom and some use Microsoft Teams. But the main issue isn’t with the platform, it’s because of the poor quality of your microphone. Often people complain about the poor output quality of the microphone. It’s because of faulty microphones. To overcome this problem, we found out the best microphones for video conferencing so you’ll be able to hear clearly.

There are many famous brands available in the market with different cost ranges. But finding the best microphone for video conferencing is challenging. So to extract the best outcome, we’ve researched for you.

Plug and play microphones are the best

This is the easiest way to use any microphone. That’s why these microphones are the best microphones used for video conferencing. You just have to plug in the mic and your computer will do the remaining work for you. It will install the application automatically. This helps to perform faster than any other microphone settings.

List Of Best Microphones For Video Conferencing

Here’s the list of some best microphones for video conferencing.

1. Samson Go Mic

Samson Go Mic

If you are looking for a budget-friendly microphone then the Samson Go Mic is the best option for you. This microphone is compact and portable. Another plus point is, it is compatible with the iPad.

Some of the unique features of this microphone are:

  • It comes with an in-built headphone jack.
  • The stand is included with a handy clip.
  • You can adjust settings easily from your computer.
  • 20Hz – 18kHz frequency response.
  • For easy handling, it comes with a zippered case.

2. Shure MV5

Shure MV5

This small yet sleek-looking microphone is robust and yet has an affordable price. Due to all these features, this microphone is one of the best microphones for video conferencing.

Shure MV5 is so convenient that you can carry it wherever you want. Another reason to call it one of the best microphones for video conferencing is because of its compatibility with Mac, Windows, and other operating systems. It works as smooth as butter. You’ll feel that you are talking to a person in real.

Some highlighting features of Shure MV5.

  • It weighs about 90grams.
  • Plastic is used to make the body as well as grilles of it.
  • The stand of this microphone is made of aluminum.
  • Adjusting Shure MV5 is so easy. You just have to adjust only one nut for tilting it.
  • Shure has provided a micro USB port and a tiny port of 3.5mm for real-time monitoring.
  • To mute the mic and switch DSP profiles, you’ll get two buttons at the back. When you press them, the LED in front of it will start blinking.

In the box, you will get a User Guide with detailed information on how to achieve good sound. Because of these features, Shure MV5 is one of the best microphones for video conferences.

3. Samson Satellite Microphone

Samson Satellite Microphone

This is another best microphone one can use for video conferencing. It has multi-pattern USB ports. The price of the Samson satellite microphone is less than $100 and delivers crystal-clear sound. With three mic patterns, it provides great versatility. It has a retractable tripod stand and due to its compact size, you can carry it wherever you want.

Features of Samson satellite condenser microphone.

  • It has a robust yet attractive design.
  • The body of Samson is made up of aluminum while steel is used to make the grilles.
  • You can mount this mic on any mic stand.
  • On the top, they have provided all the control keys and USB ports.
  • It has three multi patterns namely cardioid, omnidirectional and bidirectional.
  • At the back, it has a micro USB cable port to connect the iOS device.
  • Sorry to the Android users, you need to buy a separate cable to use this mic.

The mute button is at the base of this mic. This button may look like a push-type, but it is highly sensitive. So, be careful when you move this device.

When you unbox this cool microphone, all you need to do is plug in and play! No external drivers are required to install it. This easy installation makes it the best microphone for video conferencing.

4. Rode NT-USB


This sleek and exceptionally strong microphone is one of the best microphones for video conferencing. Its metal-structured body makes it stronger than any other microphone. Rode NT-USB captures the sound from a single direction. It weighs around 1.2 pounds and has a 3.5-inch diameter. The company didn’t provide any suspension system to the stand but it can stand straight when attached.

Volume button is provided at the top of the mic. At the back, you’ll find a 3.5 mm headphone jack as well as a USB-C to USB cable. The body of the Rode NT-USB is made up of glossy metal and a condenser is fitted in it. The sound frequency range of this microphone is 20Hz to 20kHz. You must try this cool gadget, so you can enjoy your calls without any disturbance.

5. eMeet M2 Max

eMeet M2 Max

If you are talking one on one or with your whole team, the other best microphone for video conferencing is eMeet M2 Max. This microphone is widely used in industries and many IT professionals also suggest the same. This cool gadget will help you to hear more clearly than any other microphone.

Here is why you should prefer eMeet M2 Max.

  • AI features are used, hence noise reduction technology works for you.
  • Due to the large size of the speakerphone, you can keep it anywhere in the room still, you can hear the sound clearly.
Which brand of the microphone is best?

Shure is the best microphone brand.

Which microphone is best for Zoom?

Elgato Wave:3 is the best microphone for Zoom.

Which microphone is best for vocal recording?

Shure SM7B is the best microphone for vocal recording.

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