Instagram Is Testing New Tipping Feature For Creators

Tipping Feature For Creators

According to reports, Instagram is developing a tipping feature for creators that will provide content producers a new method to monetize their work on the site. According to reports, Meta, the company behind the popular photo-sharing app, is testing a tipping tool dubbed “Gifts” to allow content producers to monetize their Reels channels.

What Does This New Tipping Feature For Creators Do?

Alessandro Paluzzi, an app researcher, was the first to uncover this secret Instagram function in July. He tweeted several screenshots to prove it. The new Tipping feature is currently under development under the working title “content appreciation”.

Suppose Instagram implements this tipping feature for creators. It will be accessible to qualified artists through a new Gifts option in the app’s settings. This function will allow creators to receive “Gifts” from their admirers. Users can give gifts to their favorite creators through a button at the bottom of Reels, according to the images released on Twitter.

As with any internal feature, it’s unclear whether or when Instagram intends to release the Gifts feature to the public. Given that other platforms currently provide a tip jar, it’s not out of the question that Instagram plans to roll out the tipping tool for producers.

Other Platforms With Tipping Features

The tipping feature for creators is not exclusive to Instagram. Artists may increase their revenue on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok by using the currently available tipping methods on these sites.

Facebook Stars

Viewers may purchase “stars” during a live broadcast and send them to their favorite creators. Facebook only pays out a minuscule $0.01 per star.

Instagram Badges

As a function, they let viewers demonstrate their appreciation for content makers in real-time during a broadcast. Price points for customers range from $0.99 to $4.99. Prices for Badges range from $1 to $5, and until 2023, Meta will not receive a portion of the money made by its creators.

TikTok Tips

People who like a TikTok creator’s work may show appreciation by leaving a financial tip on their profile. One hundred percent of the total tip goes to the artist. If you leave a tip on TikTok, 100% of the money goes to the creators.

Final Words

Expanding artists’ financial opportunities via the tipping feature for creators benefits artists and the companies whose products they promote. Suppose creators realize they can make money beyond the terms of their contract by promoting businesses on their live broadcasts. In that case, they may feel more motivated to do so.