5 Best Thermal Paste For PS4 Pro [2024 Updated List]

Best Thermal Paste For PS4 Pro

Hello! Gamers, here we are again with the updated list of best thermal paste for PS4 Pro that is available on the market. As the PS4 Pro upgrades from PS3, in the same way; the list of the best thermal compound paste also needs to be updated. So, here we are with the updated versions of thermal pastes that will drop the processor temperature up to certain degrees.

It’s time to change PS4 Pro thermal Paste

Do you feel the degradation in the performance of your PS4 Pro? Are you feeling that your PS4 Pro is not working the same as it was used to?

If your answer is “Yes”, then there is a need to change the old thermal paste with a new one.

The best thermal paste will create a perfect channel for heat dissipation between the PS4 Pro processor and the heat sink. The microparticles of the thermal paste fill the micro-level gaps between the processor and heat sink of the PS4 Pro; thus increasing the overall effective cooling of the processor and will boost up the performance.

It means the best thermal paste is one that fills these micro-level gaps and gives better heat dissipation from the processor and results in enhanced microprocessor performance.

After a lot of research on thermal paste based on thermal conductivity, price; and the type of material used, our experts have created this new list of the best thermal paste for PS4 pro.

List Of Best Thermal Paste For PS4 Pro

1. Noctua NT-H1

Noctua NT-H1 For PS4 Pro
NameThermal ConductivityElectrical ConductivityEase of Use
Noctua NT-H1N/ANoVery Easy

Noctua has years of experience in the field of CPU and GPU cooling and produced a range of cooling devices like liquid cooling systems for gaming PC and upgraded cooling fans for CPU cooling. Other than these cooling devices Noctua also manufactures the pro-grade thermal pastes specially designed for the enthusiasts who want exceptional performance from their PS4 pro.

This thermal paste is manufactured by hybridizing the different micro-particles that offer very low resistance to the thermal conduction and thus increase the overall heat dissipation of the processor. This not only increases the long-term stability and the performance of your PS4 pro but also adds some extra life to it.

The Packaging of the Noctua NT-NH1 is quite impressive with a syringe full of a paste having 4.54 g paste fixed at the center of the package. The instructions and specifications of the paste are mentioned on the front side.

Noctua NT-H1 paste is quite thick and dry this makes the application process easy and safe. The carbon-based material used in Noctua NT-H1 makes this paste electrically neutral and safe to use. The thermal conductivity of 8.5w/mK gives a perfect thermal channel for the heat to transfer from the processor to the heat sink.

2. Arctic MX-4

Arctic MX-4 for PS4 Pro

NameThermal ConductivityElectrical ConductivityEase of Use
Arctic MX-48.5 W/mKNoEasy

This is another carbon-based best thermal paste for PS4 Pro that will cool down your PlayStation 4 pro processor. Arctic MX-4 has become better and better with its experience in the field of CPU cooling. This thermal paste will not perform as well as that of the other thermal compounds that are placed on this list; but it does much better than Gelid GC-Extreme and some other thermal compounds that are available under this price range.

The Arctic MX-4 consists of micro-carbon particles that will result in extreme thermal conductivity and will help in creating a very low resistance channel between the processor and heat dissipation plate of the PS4 Pro. As this thermal paste is completely made from micro carbon particles and does not have any metallic thing in it; you do not have to worry about the electrical conductivity of this paste. Once you have applied this thermal paste then you don’t have to change this second time for up to the last 8 years.

Experts found out that this paste works better even for hardcore PC gaming users. In fact, this thermal compound is well known for its high performance at low pricing; which makes the Arctic MX-4 the first choice for users who are looking for a budget-friendly thermal paste.

  • The Arctic has also put its MX-4 thermal paste in the same syringe design packaging as other thermal paste manufacturing companies do.
  • Arctic MX-4 syringe is on the right side of the packaging cover with some description of the durability of the product on the left side.

The Arctic Mx-4 could be the best thermal paste out there in the market with very low prices but appreciable performance.

3. Arctic Silver 5

Noctua NT-H1 For PS4 Pro

NameThermal ConductivityElectrical ConductivityEase of Use
Arctic Silver 58.89 W/mKNoQuite Easy

Some people think the Arctic and Arctic Silver are the same companies; but it’s wrong, they both are different private companies. But both are dealing in the field of thermal compound manufacturing.

The Arctic Silver 5 is a ceramic-based thermal compound with high-density micro-ionized silver particles; which help in enhancing the thermal conductivity of this thermal adhesive.

Arctic silver 5 thermal paste is completely non-conductive because of the absence of metallic particles in the paste. The three shapes of silver particles are used which fit together perfectly; and help in creating a high-performance thermal bridge between the heatsinks and CPU of the PS4 Pro.

Talking about performance this thermal paste will bring down the temperature of your PS4 Pro CPU up to 3 to 12 degrees. Keeping in mind the budget price and performance of this thermal paste our experts recommend Arctic Silver 5 for all the hardcore PC builders who do intense gaming like you. This thermal paste is always the second choice after the Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut.

A 3.5 gram of syringe of the Arctic thermal paste will cover up to 12 to 26 CPU heat plates. This thermal paste will long for years so just apply this paste once and forget about changing for the next 8 to 9 years. The thermal conductivity of 8.89 W/mK makes the Arctic Silver 5 to be a part of our list of best thermal paste for ps4 pro.

4. Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut

Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut For PS4 Pro
NameThermal ConductivityElectrical ConductivityEase of Use
Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut12.5W/mKNoEasy

Thermal Grizzly has a well-known name in the field of thermal pastes or thermal compounds. There are a lot of variants of thermal pastes from Grizzly based on their material compounds. Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut is a ceramic-based thermal paste and is completely electrical neutral. This paste has a perfectly adjusted consistency which means it will not spill out like a liquid from the processor.

It also doesn’t require any settling time. Besides this thermal compound has a topmost electrical conductivity of 12.5W/mK; and will take down the temperature of the processor up to 4 to 5 degrees easily. This thermal paste is the most recommended thermal paste by experts because of its performance. Besides its price tag, this thermal compound comes on the second number after Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut based on thermal conductivity.

Ceramic-based thermal pastes give a little better cooling than carbon-based thermal pastes like Noctua NT-H1, Arctic MX-4, and Arctic Silver 5 AS5. Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut comes in a syringe-like packaging that has 5.55g of paste in it.

5. Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut

Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut For PS4 Pro

NameThermal ConductivityElectrical ConductivityEase of Use
Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut73 W/mKYesEasy

Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut is a liquid metal thermal adhesive or thermal paste based on a eutectic alloy. This thermal paste is the most expensive one among all the listed thermal pastes. The Conductonaut is the most recommended thermal paste especially for experienced users, to take down the temperature of their high-end PCs and intense gaming machine processors.

The liquid metals like galium, indium, and tin in a special proportion are the special ingredients of this Conductonaut thermal paste that help in making a perfect thermal channel between the processor and the heat sink. The liquid metal of these alloys works like a superheat conductor that will give the highest thermal conductivity of 73 W/mK which is higher among all the other thermal pastes.

You have to be extra careful while using the Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut as this thermal paste does not contain silicone or carbon. Instead, it is a pure metal and thus creates the risk of shortcircuit if you accidentally spill it on the motherboard of the PS4 Pro. So, you have to be extra careful while using this liquid thermal paste.

Conductonaut thermal paste comes in a standard sachet which makes the handling of the liquid metal easy while applying on your processor without spilling out the metal on the other components of the board. You will get about 1 gm of this thermal paste in a single package.

There is no doubt that this liquid metal-based thermal paste will gradually lower the overall temperature of the processor; and gives a drastic improvement in the performance of your PS4 Pro.

Final Words

So today, we have covered almost all the best thermal pastes for the PS4 Pro that is available out there in the market. I hope this discussion about the thermal paste and the carefully designed table for the specification of every thermal paste will help you in selecting the thermal paste for your Playstation 4 Pro.

If you have a good budget for thermal paste then we recommend you go with the Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut; Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut, and Noctua NT-NH1.

And if you still face any problems and have any queries regarding these thermal pastes; then feel free to contact us through our Facebook page or in the comment section below.

Which is the best thermal paste for PS4?

Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut, Noctua NT-NH1, and Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut are the best thermal paste that you can buy from the market. These thermal pastes will give an extraordinary performance and drop the temperature of your PS4 Pro processor up to 8 to 10 degrees. Arctic Mx-4 is also available for you that gives a decent performance under your low budget.

Why do you need thermal paste for ps4?

As we know the processors generated lots of heat and we need to transfer that heat to protect our PS4 Pro processor from thermal throttling. The chances of thermal throttling of the processor increase during continuous hours of intense gaming, so to boost up the process of heat transfer between the processor and heat sink, a thermal paste is used. Therefore it is always recommended to change the thermal paste of every processor after 3 to 4 years.

Should I replace the thermal paste on my PS4?

There are a lot of complaints from the users of PlayStation 4 that after some years they are facing overheating problems in their gaming stations. But this heating issue is seen in only some batches and that can be resolved by replacing the thermal paste of the PS4 Pro. Replacing the thermal paste of PS4 Pro is very tricky, so you can contact a PS4 repair shop.

How often do you replace thermal paste?

A good quality thermal paste once applied could do its job for up to 6 to 8 years depending on how often you use your PS4 Pro or PC.

Can you use toothpaste as a thermal paste?

Thermal pastes are manufactured by a combination of special materials like micro carbons, silicone, iodized silver, and some other metals which are well known for their low thermal resistivity. All the thermal pastes are well-engineered to maximize the heat transfer from the processor to the heat sink. So using toothpaste instead of thermal paste is not a good idea, it could harm your machine processor and even cause permanent damage to it.