Unable To Join Zoom Meeting? [Get The Solution Here]

Unable To Join Zoom Meeting Error

In today’s digital world, people conduct meetings through video conferencing apps from anywhere in the world. There are many apps through which simple online meetings, content sharing, and conferences are conducted, and Zoom is one such app. Since it is a cloud-based service, sometimes, you are unable to join Zoom meeting. You don’t need an account on zoom to attend the meeting; only the host scheduling the meeting needs to have an account.

Sometimes you might be unable to join Zoom meetings, so just follow the below steps to troubleshoot it.

Fix Unable To Join Zoom Meeting Error

First of all, you have to make sure that on your desktop or any mobile device; the zoom client is installed, and it’s updated to the latest version.

If you receive any of the below messages instead of joining the meeting, then you’ll surely get the solution here.

  • Your id is on hold: The person who has hosted the meeting and enabled the waiting room has put your id on hold, your id will be on hold till the host admits you to the meeting.
  • For the meeting, the room connector is not enabled: If you are trying to join the meeting hosted on Zoom by a free account through video conferencing equipment or without enabling the connector available in the account, you might receive this error. Try to connect using a mobile device or a desktop.
  • Await for the host to start the meeting: You will not be able to attend the meeting if the host hasn’t started the meeting or the host hasn’t enabled the join before host feature. Once the host starts the meeting, he will get the joining mails automatically; or you will get the notification to join the meeting after a short time once the host joins.
  • Enter the password for the meeting: Before joining the meeting, you will have to enter the password that would have been shared with you by the host when the invitation for the meeting was sent by the host. If you don’t remember the password, contact the host so that he can provide you the same.

Other reasons why you are unable to join Zoom meeting

  • Some of the video conferencing equipment will not be able to let you join the meeting held through Zoom, which is a cloud-based service, as there would be an alphabetical password that you wouldn’t be able to type on the equipment. If you are using such equipment contact the host for further instruction.
  • If you receive an error “Phone Dial-in is not allowed for this meeting”, then the host might have allowed only VoIP audio. In such a case, if you enter your id after dialing the general Zoom teleconferencing number, you will hear a message, and you will be disconnected. In such a case, you will be able to join the meeting through a mobile device or your desktop.
  • If you receive an error, “Not meeting host (3,003)” then in the zoom meeting link forwarded to you, which will be of the format http://iu.zoom.us/meeting/324525151; you have to change the /meeting/  in the URL link to /j/ and then try to connect.

As you are unable to join Zoom meeting before; now after following the above steps, you should be able to join the meeting from a free account.

Is Zoom meeting free to use?

Zoom meetings are free if you keep your meeting less than 40 minutes and 100 participants.

Can I use Zoom for free for personal use?

Yes, you can use Zoom for free for personal use.

How long is Zoom meeting for free?

The free version of the Zoom meeting is for 40 minutes. After that, your meeting will cut automatically.

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