20 Best USB Type-C Accessories You Should Go For

Best USB Type-C Accessories

Here’s the list of best USB Type-C Accessories.

In this world where people are into fast charging cell phones, fast internet connection, fast data transfer, etc. then they would be definitely in need of such accessories that provide them with this facility. For that reason, we have this USB Type-C Accessory that does not let the speed go down even once. Sounds interesting no? It works most interesting as well. This is because USB Type-C Accessories transfers data at a greater speed and provides the facility of fast charging too.

Devices that are going into the way of making USB Type-C Accessories compatible have taken the best decision yet for the ongoing higher demand of the consumers. USB Type-C Accessories can transfer data to and fro at a speed of up to 10GB/sec. It can transfer electricity at a faster rate than before – this leads to fast charging.

List Of Best USB Type-C Accessories

Moreover, USB Type-C Accessories can be put into the device either way – removing the difficulty of connecting the accessories to the device. Ever before thought about getting out of this frustration of connecting USB accessories and devices? Well, we might get to see some worthy accessories in the upcoming days. So, without any further delay, let’s dive into the part of the best USB Type-C Accessories that you should use to serve your purpose

1. Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter

Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter

Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter is compatible with devices such as iPad Pro 11-inch and 12.9-inch. It can be used for any other device that supports the usage of this adapter, but Apple supports its usage for the mentioned devices only to get the performance out of it. The manufacturer being Apple is very obvious that the product is costly – the cost of it is $29.

Even though it is costly, Apple never compromises with the performance of any of its devices or accessories and hence, it can simply be called one of the best USB Type-C Accessories. Apple 18W USB-C Power Adapter provides fast charging to its compatible devices, by delivering more power. The device, being small, is easy to carry anywhere.

2. Samsung T5 SSD

Samsung T5 SSD

The best USB Type-C Accessory with an elevated data transfer speed is Samsung T5 SSD. This has been the favorite external SSD of numerous users. But you can very well understand that when you do not want to compromise with the performance of the SSD, then you are expected to invest more – and this is the problem faced by many customers.

It has a sturdy look because of its aluminum body and can transfer data at the rate of 540mb/s. You might be using a laptop whose performance is not up to the mark. In such a condition, never take it as an obligation, rather it’s much better to fit this external Samsung T5 SSD to enhance the working speed of the laptop.

In case you are having a laptop running at a great speed, then this SSD will further increase the performance. This SSD is portable, lighter, and smaller compared to other SSDs available in the market and can carry data up to a great extent. Samsung T5 SSD is available in two colors – blue and black. This tiny accessory comes up with a three-year warranty.

3. Razer Core X

Razer Core X

People do love light laptops for sure. And why won’t they? It is easy to carry and an added advantage for the lazy lads who sit in different positions while using a laptop – they would find it convenient to use. Jokes apart, everyone wants a handy laptop, maybe except a gamer. Even if the laptop is heavy, they would want a gaming beast for their addiction to games.

Now if you are a user who has the eyes for games and convenience, then here we have one of the best USB Type-C Accessories to boost your gaming experience. Razer Core X allows the user to put an external Graphics card using the accessory. Well, the main characteristic of this graphics enclosure is that, even if you don’t have the proper Graphics card or no Graphics card at all on your laptop, then you can connect an external one using this graphics enclosure.

Do remember, this accessory has nothing to do with the Graphics card compatible with your laptop. So choose wisely before investing!

4. AUKEY USB-C Charger with 30W Power Delivery


Any user loves a fast-charging phone or tab. But what if it supports fast charging and you can further increase the charging capacity? Might be thinking, whether it is possible or not? Yes, it is possible. To serve this purpose, you need an AUKEY USB-C Charger with 30W power delivery – this is one of the best USB Type-C Accessories to raise your experience in charging your devices.

This USB Type-C Accessory can deliver 30W power, so you can charge your device at a better speed than what the main adapter does which is provided along with your device. But once you are into using this, you will not have the urge to shift to the main one. It is light, slim, and easy to carry.

5. Kingston Data Traveler USB 3C Flash Drive

Kingston Data Traveler

What if you own an old laptop and do not have much drive space, you can simply own Kingston Data Traveler USB 3C Flash Drive if you can invest in getting extra storage for your portable laptop. So, by now you can very well understand that the mentioned device is for adding external storage to your laptop.

The Kingston Data Traveler USB 3C Flash Drive allows storage up to 128GB and is provided with a warranty of five years. This USB Type-C Accessory allows data transfer at the rate of 100mbps. Apart from laptops, you can also use them for your phone, tablet, etc.

6. Apple Multiport Adapter

Apple Multiport Adapter

When it is Apple, then they have saved a surprise for you. Coming to the main part now! This Apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter allows you to connect your Mac or iPad, which is compatible with USB-C type accessories to an HDMI-enabled display – that can be a TV or a projector or anything else.

This means, whatever is going on in the display of your Mac or Ipad, you can simply watch that on a larger screen with the help of an Apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter. Isn’t it exciting and one of the best USB-C type accessories?

7. Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WH1000XM3

Sony WH1000XM3

Sony has been a leading industry when it comes to noise cancellation promoting headphones. Check out their ratings, and they will never disappoint you! Whatever the situation is, you can emerge yourself into the world of audio if you are listening to Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WH1000XM3.

Smart listening by Adaptive Sound Control is the capability to adjust the audio on its own, according to your environment. Moreover, the wireless sporty look, along with some premium features, makes it stand out among all. The main advantage of it is that battery power lasts up to 30 hours.

8. USB C Female to USB Male Adapter

USB C Female to USB Male Adapter

Having problems while transferring data? There is no need to worry when you have the USB-C Female to USB Male Adapter, which is a handy accessory that lets you charge your device or transfer data from one device to another.

But remember one thing – this little device works only for any kind of USB-C-enabled device. This compact tool is one of the best USB-C type accessories that can transfer data up to a rate of 480mbps and is available in many colors.

9. SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive

SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive

You can own two devices but that does not mean both of them will have the same USB port. In that case, if you require transferring data among two different USB ports enabled devices, then this SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive is the best solution to your problem. This USB-C type accessory lets you connect two devices at the two ends of the device and transfer data accordingly.

This flash drive is one the best USB-C type accessories because of its great data transfer speed and its capability to connect a new and a traditional device to clear up some storage. And also the drive is available in three different sizes.

10. Amazon Basics USB-C to USB-A Cable

Amazon Basics Cable

Amazon has come to your rescue when you need a great data transfer speed and a charging source too. When the chargers around you are all supporting a USB-A type accessory and you have a USB-C type accessory, then this AmazonBasics USB-C to USB-A Cable will connect both of them and have your back as usual.

Moreover, if you want to transfer your data at a speed of up to 20gbps, then this is the best USB-C type accessory for you. It is totally handy and is available in white and black colors.

11. Asus ZenScreen Go MB16AHP Monitor

Asus ZenScreen MB16AHP

A laptop was made portable so that a personal computer can be carried everywhere without any worries. But what if there lines up a portable monitor too? You can look for this only when this product delights to a greater extent, or else you will stick to carrying a laptop, which is all-in-one. This monitor is different from mobile screens and has a power of 7800mAH, and this is what makes it unique for sure.

So, it can be run for four hours straight. Well, this monitor can be made to use with a laptop as well. Asus ZenScreen Go MB16AHP monitor is a very slim and portable accessory and has a battery of its own so that the power required for screen usage is taken from there. It has the technology to protect our eyes from the Blue lights since we all are into using a laptop all day long and it has a bad impact on our eyes.

12. Anker PowerCore 20000 USB Type-C Power Bank

Anker PowerCore Power Bank

Those times are gone when our phones had replaceable batteries. Since all the new models have been introduced with irreplaceable batteries, the demand for power banks has raised more than enough. So, here comes one of the best USB-C type accessories for the users to charge their mobile without taking up any hassle.

This 20000 mAh power bank has more power than you can imagine and can last much longer than its competitive products. The added advantage to this power bank is that it has a USB-A type port as well, so the users can charge any other compatible chargeable device.

13. SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Luxe

SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Luxe

The Sandisk Luxe Dual Drive consists of a metal body and up to 1TB of space that has the power to transfer data between two devices having USB-C and USB-A type ports. If you are looking for storage, this flash drive is going to work best for you.

You can keep many memories in the form of photos and videos when you have one of the best USB Type-C accessories along with you. This flash drive can transfer files at the rate of 150mbps and has a warranty for five years.

14. Libratone Q Adapt USB-C in-Ear Noise Canceling Headphones

Libratone Q Adapt Headphones

When you are not having the intention of damaging your earphone jack, then you will have to invest in either wireless headphones or a pretty costly wired earphone. For the wired one, you can choose the best USB-C type accessory which is Libratone Q Adapt USB-C in-Ear Noise Canceling Headphones that promotes noise cancellation.

This allows noise cancellation at three levels – which simply lets you decide how much noise you want to let in while you are traveling, listening to a lecture, or enjoying some great video content.

15. WGGE Metal USB-C to USB-C Cable

WGGE Metal Cable

The tangle-free and long USB-C enabled cable, WGGE Metal USB-C to USB-C Cable can easily connect two USB-C allowing devices easily. The user can use it for charging or connecting any external device. It is available in two sizes – so if you ever feel like you don’t need a longer one, you can buy the shorter one for sure, that too at a lower price. Along with these, it has a two-year warranty policy.

16. 2 In 1 Card Reader

2 In 1 Card Reader

The name itself suggests that it is going to be used for plugging in your external SD Card to your laptop or mobile phone, whichever you find more convenient. This can be helpful for you if you are running short of storage or always need a backup for all the data or else if you are keen enough to hold on to some memories. This small and portable accessory has micro-USB and USB-A ports on the others, making it more compatible to be used with some other devices you want to connect.

17. G-Technology 2TB G-Drive

G-Technology 2TB G-Drive

The G-Technology G-Drive is a USB-C type accessory that can set your expectations beyond any level. Leaving those external drives behind, the compact and stylish package, full of features has arrived for the ease of their customers. With the G-Technology G-Drive, you can store data as well as charge your laptop.

No longer you would be required to wait for the laptop to get charged using that traditional charger that is necessarily given with the laptop. For the part of data backup, this is one of the best USB-C type accessories, transferring data at such a speed that you cannot even imagine.

18. Crucial X8 SSD

Crucial X8 SSD

The main usage of an SSD is to boost up the performance of your laptop or any other Android device. Crucial X8 SSD would do the same but in a much better way. SSD works as a storage device too, leaving those traditional external devices behind. The Crucial X8 SSD can transfer, save, or do anything to the files within seconds.

Installation of an SSD can be very useful and makes your device full of energy, and when it is a Crucial X8 SSD, your device will be energy-efficient for sure.

19. Mophie PowerStation USB-C XXL Power Bank

Mophie XXL Power Bank

The Mophie PowerStation USB-C XXL Power Bank provides a fast charging experience to your Macbook Pro or other compatible devices. It comes with a power pack energy of 19500 mAh and the battery power of itself can last up to 14 hours, depending upon its usage.

The LED-power indicator shows the current status of the power bank and whether it is charging the device or not. Other than that, it has another USB-A port so that you can charge any other device.

20. SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless USB-C Gaming Headset

SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless Headset

The SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless USB-C Gaming Headset has been one the best USB-C type accessories available for all the gamers out there. To experience gaming with boosted features such as great sound quality, this headset is something that you cannot stop looking at. Turn in the headset, and there you go experiencing premium gaming audio features. This has been the best to be used with mobile phones.


With all these best USB-C type accessories, here comes an end to this article. There are many more devices that can be considered, but only the best has been included here. From power banks to cables to headphones – a varied range of USB-C compatible devices have been mentioned. So use it and rate it accordingly!

Which is faster Thunderbolt or USB-C?

Thunderbolt is faster than USB-C as it supports transfer speed up to 40 Gbps.

Is Thunderbolt and USB-C same?

Yes, the Thunderbolt and USB-C ports are physically same.

Why is USB-C better?

Because USB-C has the faster transfer speed and can power devices up to 100W.