8 Best Armbands For iPhone 12 & iPhone 12 Pro [Best Picks]

Best Armbands For iPhone 12

To get the best workout session we need to get into the zone. We try to focus only on the current set of exercises. Even while running we try very hard to get over the end line, at the same time we don’t want to miss out on some important calls and messages. That is why using an armband will be very beneficial for you. So, here’s the list of the best Armbands for iPhone 12 & 12 Pro.

To buy any product it is necessary to check each and every option available. If we look at all the different options available then we can know more about the features we are looking for. If we see at different options we can find some simple, some best and also some quality products. However it is not about company or brand, it is about the features that we are comfortable with.

iPhone is a cool device but for carrying it while running and working out you will need an Armband. Apple watches are good but armbands are comparatively cheap and provide almost the same functions while working out. Things made up of soft material making your phone cool is something that you need.

Using an armband, you can carry all your workouts and running sessions comfortably. There is no need to worry about the cell phone falling and get damaged. The armbands are worth it investments nowadays, especially if you have an expensive phone like iPhone.

List Of Best Armbands For iPhone 12 & iPhone 12 Pro

Here’s the list of best armbands for iPhone 12 & 12 Pro.

1. Trianium ArmTrek

Trianium ArmTrek

Most people prefer using the Trianium ArmTrek armband because it is within the budget, a value-for-money product, and one of the best Armbands for iPhone 12 & 12 Pro. Trianium Armtrek is a prime band that you can get at an affordable price. This band is made up of neoprene, which is a soft material that makes it a comfortable band.

We use armbands while exercising and consistent exercise will improve the shape of the arm. The Trianium ArmTrek will fit perfectly in your arm. Another advantage of ArmTrek is that it provides an attractive design with additional features like waterproof coating and smooth accessibility to your iPhone while working out.



Don’t we just love, when we get additional features at an affordable price? Well, LOVPHONE armbands are exactly that way. You will have a good quality of material that makes it durable, also the size of the band can be adjusted up to 15”. LOVPHONE has extra pockets to keep tiny important things in it like keys and money.

LOVPHONE made up of water-resistant material and also has a reflective strap. A reflective strap comes into play when you enter a dark environment. You can adjust this band by using its Velcro straps that customize with your arm size. Well, what else do you expect at an affordable price?

3. RevereSport


Armbands should not feel like baggage while wearing, they should be as comfortable as wearing watches. RevereSport armbands are comfortable as they have used a combination of lycra and TPU material that is soft and very lightweight. So, you can use these armbands while working out and also for a longer duration.

Some people like to use armbands during the night time but sometimes visibility can be less. RevereSport armband has a reflector strip that makes it useful in low light. Even if you sweat or come in contact with water you have nothing to worry about, RevereSport armbands have a waterproof coating.

4. Tune Belt AB91

Tune Belt AB91

Priorities are always personal and if you want comfort as your prime requirement then the Tune belt AB91 is best for you. Tune Belt AB91 armbands are made up of super-soft neoprene fabric, which makes the armbands comfortable and flexible. It has extra strips to make the armband adjustable.

While running or doing a vigorous workout you don’t have to worry about your iPhone. The extra strips fitting and soft cushioning helps your iPhone to be secure. You can ask for some extra strips as well so this is a value-for-money product. You must give Tune Belt AB91 a try.



Jemache is all in one armband, it has all the advantages that you need in an armband. One of the highlights of this armband is that it is super flexible and will fit well on your arm. Jemache armbands also give an extra strip to increase the safety of your iPhone.

This armband provides a smart screen guard that helps you to operate your phone during workout sessions and at the same time, it prevents your iPhone from scratches. Some extra pockets come hands to keep some little and useful kinds of stuff. At a reasonable price, you get lots of features and protection on the Jemache armband.

6. Guzack


If you are looking for a well-designed and comfortable armband for your iPhone then Guzack armbands are perfect for you. Made up of silicon, it is super comfortable and flexible. TPU material will not cause any other damage to your phone.

Its covering will allow you to operate your iPhone during workout sessions. The same coverage will also protect your phone from water. Guzack armband is compatible with almost every size of iPhone and with other smartphones as well. Overall, it is a good product to purchase at a pocket-friendly price.

7. Mpow


Mpow is a reputed company in the armband industry. Like every other reputed company this company also provides good quality and features that will make you buy this product. The materials used are a combination of neoprene, nylon, and TPU, which makes it the best of all.

Another good feature of this armband is that it has extra pockets, and it also has a reflective strip that means you can use it in low light as well. Overall, if you look at its quality and features it is a must-buy product.

8. Bone


Armbands are useful but if armbands make your phone more attractive and eye-catching, you should go for such types of armbands. Bone has the most stylish armbands and yet very comfortable to use. Bone uses silicon to manufacture the bands that not only make it soft but also durable.

As compared to other armbands, Bone has improved design and durability. Bone armbands contain a ventilated design to maintain the normal temperature of the iPhone, which makes these armbands slightly expensive than others. However, the additional features and the attractive design make it a good buy.

Final words

Stylish armbands that make your device more attractive are a common choice. Some people go for durability and toughness. People also look for some extra features like extra pockets and strips, while some want a reflective strap to use in low light. The interesting part is that you can get all the features as well. All these armbands are very reliable and also pocket-friendly, it is worth giving a try.

So, this was the list of Best Armbands For iPhone 12 & 12 Pro that are quite reliable and good to use. Each armband has some unique features. We hope that this would have helped you in finding an armband best suited for you.

Which is the best armband for iPhone 12?

Bone armband is the best armband for iPhone 12.

Which is the best cheap armband for iPhone 12?

LOVPHONE armband is the best cheap armband for iPhone 12.

Are armbands good while running?

Yes, armbands help you to carry your smartphone and important stuff while you are going out.