3 Best Versions Of Minecraft [Updated List]

Best Versions Of Minecraft

When in the world of efficient conversation and connectivity, people have a lot on their plate to discuss; Minecraft updates are one of those topics which are frequently discussed. The best thing about these updates is that every update not only comes with something new but also unveils the details and information of the previous updates. In this article, we are going to talk about the best versions of Minecraft.

When talking about Minecraft, is a quirky game. The best part of Minecraft is that it adds at least one fan-suggested feature to the game with every update. These updates are exceptionally simple because they are entirely random. When Minecraft updates, it makes the outdated version much easier to apply.

The outcome has been divided into various categories, and each version has its significance. There is often a queue of new games and mod packs ready because they frequently publish new updates.

It gives you and your players a choice to choose the type of game they want to play. Either you can play the game on the different versions of Minecraft. Or keep switching between different game versions for a much more adventurous experience. Having the option to switching in between the different versions of the games is a great way to keep your players engaged and give the server a fresh, exciting vibe.

Earlier, you might have faced a cumbersome situation while installing a brand-new game or mod pack. You need to go through many files to handle many configurations to execute. Not only this, you need to do much troubleshooting when any issue arises there.

But with our Minecraft server host, you can very efficiently download the games. Along with that, switching between the different versions would be a cakewalk for you.

List Of Best versions Of Minecraft

Below are the best versions of Minecraft.

1. Contemporary Version

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The most prominent and best version of Minecraft is the current version. This is because it backs most of the players’ base. The category compiles any and every player who is using the latest version of the game. This version is 1.17. It is the default version you get at your launcher’s start. It implies that this version consists of major contents, meaning mobs, blags, animation, music, and many more.

2. 1.8.9


In the best versions of Minecraft, the 1.8.9 version is considered very significant. It is because when this version came into play, it brought upside-down change in the functioning of combat which was never seen before. Consequently, if not all but a major portion of the PvP community showed denial of its existence. They continued improving the battleground on the most recent version before the combat’s update.

The reason behind it was, in the first place, this version ruled the community and is present on all servers with a sizable PvP player base. A few major servers, for instance, Hypixel, accept the player with the new version, albeit their client still implied to use the archaic 1.8.9 combat mechanics and functionality.

3. 1.12.2


If talking about the most eventful versions of modded Minecraft, 1.12.2 would come first on the list. What makes it the most eventual version of Minecraft? Mobbed Minecraft stays with one version for quite a sufficient time. Afterward, there is an explosion of content that Vanilla can only provide after using the enormous resources. Even it is seen that no other company can provide such enormous creative content dedicated to a community of fans.

1.12 was the most recent update until and unless Mojang decided to restrict itself to a semi-strict version is 1.13. One of the most popular mod loaders, Forge, took a brief break and afterward 1.13 was launched since the improvements introduced in 1.13 required a substantial reworking of years-old code.

Though it took little time to release 1.14 and 1.15, which tells that it is not fully affirmed with the decision to put their major focus on which version. Therefore, 1.12 keep up with its demand and popularity; it is the best version of Minecraft with the most modified information.


Above is the list of the best versions of Minecraft from our end. Though if you ask a Minecraft player why they play a specific version, be it PvP, mod, or overall versions, everyone will have their reasons. However, the current version is the best if considering the enjoyable and content-rich factors.

For modpacks, 1.12.2 would be the most efficient one. 1.8.9 is declared the best version for the PvP community. However, it is your call to decide which version is best for you, depending on the community of players you belong to.