All Minecraft Villager Jobs Explained

Minecraft Villager Jobs

Do you know all Minecraft villager jobs? Most of us don’t know. In order to survive in Minecraft, you need a stock of food and resources, a place where you can create tons of stuff. All this doesn’t come for free. You need a strong trading game to be successful in Minecraft. Luckily, we have a mate in the game that will make our lives easier. These creatures are your friends in the game and love trading with you.

But for fun, not each villager will offer you the same kind of thing if you get confused looking at different villagers and want to know which one is responsible for which material. We will help you. So, let’s get started and learn what these Minecraft friends have to offer.

List Of Minecraft Villager Jobs

Before knowing this, let’s know how does villager get his job.

How Does Villager Get His Job?

Before we start directly with their jobs, we should understand how each one of them gets the job in the first place. A villager will derive their occupation according to the block nearby. There are some utility blocks that allow villagers to get a job.

For instance, if you place a composter near a villager he will become a farmer in occupation. But if you visit a nearby village, you will see many villagers who are jobless. This happens because of a lack of utility blocks. But you can help them and yourself by making a utility block and placing it near them. It is better if you make a block according to your needs.

How Many Occupations Are In Minecraft?

If we include unemployment as an occupation then there are a total of 15 occupations that a villager can have. There are only 13 practical professional occupations. Their look changes according to their occupation and the biome they live in. You also get hostile villagers which include witch villagers, zombie villagers, etc. For today, we are going to pay attention to only 15.

1. Butcher


Butcher is useful because he can give you meat and stew that is already cooked. You can give him 8 pieces of raw chicken in return for 1 emerald. If you are struggling to find a particular food, you can try to trade from the butcher. Also, you can use its utility block to cook edibles faster than average.

Utility Block: Smoker
Trade: Stew and meat

2. Armorer


This villager as its name suggests gives you armor and other sorts of material that will help you in weaponry. The great thing is you get high-level armor very quickly in the game if you plan everything while trading. One more thing, purchasing items from them will upgrade them and provide you with enchanted items.

Utility Block: Blast Furnace
Trade: Armor, iron, chain, etc.

3. Cleric


You get rare magic items from the game from this trader. If you compare other traders, you will see the items they offer can be claimed somewhat easily, but clerics offer some things that are more interesting. You have the opportunity to get the dust of red stone, ender eyes, lapis lazuli, and much more. Just make brewing stand in Minecraft to get these villagers.

Utility Block: Brewing Stand
Trade: Bottle O’ Enchanting, Redstone dust, and other magical items provided.

4. Farmer (Most Popular)


When someone says trading with Minecraft villagers, the first villagers to come into your mind are the framers. They are found everywhere in the game and are pretty common. You won’t even have to make the utility block sometimes. You get various ingredients and food from farmers such as pie, cookies, apples, cakes, bread, stews, etc. When you keep trading and help the farmer reach the expert level, you can get items like golden apples and golden carrots.

Utility Block: Composter
Trade: High-quality food items

5. Cartographer


These can be the villagers that make you spend the most money. But their items are really useful. For instance, you receive blank maps, frames, banners, etc. If you get bored, you can purchase a woodland map or ocean treasure map to go on an exciting journey. You can use the utility block that is the cartography table to create maps.

Utility Block: Cartography Table
Trade: Maps, banners, frames, etc.

6. Fisherman


They were added quite later in the game but we are glad they got their chance. They offer a variety of fish such as salmon and cod. The extra items include a campfire and a fishing pole that is enchanted. If you have plenty of fish sitting in your chest, you can use that stock to get some emeralds. Obviously having some emeralds will help you to trade with other villagers.

Utility Block: Barrel
Trade: Enchanted fishing poles, cooked seafood, and a campfire.

7. Leatherworker


In the early years of Minecraft, these types of villagers were considered the most useful ones. This is because they only offer items related to leather. People consider the most useful thing you get from these villagers is the saddle of a horse. This is because the saddle is extremely difficult to obtain. But this is only possible if you have a master-level leatherworker. If not the worker itself, the utility block is really useful. You can store items like powder snow, water, lava, etc.

Utility Block: Cauldron
Trade: Saddles, armor for horses, leather armor, etc.

8. Fletcher (One of the rare villagers)


Not many will know who Fletcher is because of their rarity. But if you like long-distance combat then they will help you a lot. Various things such as flint, bows, crossbows, arrows, etc can be purchased. Master-level Fletchers will give you enchanted bows that are super powerful to fight bosses. The only thing their area lacks is the utility block because it does not serve any purpose other than that.

Utility Block: Fletching Table
Trade: Arrows, flint, crossbows, bow, etc.

9. Mason


These guys have multiple names. This villager is either called Mason or Stone Mason. The Java edition calls him just Mason while the bedrock edition calls him Stone Mason. It will give you different types of stone items. You get a variety of bricks and polished stones with dripstone blocks as well. On an expert level, you get glazes terracotta, colored terracotta, quartz, quartz pillar, etc.

Utility Block: StoneCutter
Trade: Terracotta, bricks, quartz, etc.

10. Librarian


If you like to enchant your weapons, armor, and tools then you will love Librarian. They provide the easiest way to get enchantments. But with all this, you can get a clock, glass, lantern, books, compass, and one of the rare items, a name tag.

The utility block itself is only usable in multiplayer. If you have a book and want to read the content together, you can play the book on the lectern so everyone can read.

Utility Block: Lectern
Trade: Clock, name tag, enchantment book, paper, book, etc.

11. Shepherd


These won’t help you much in terms of survival. Though, they will help you make your home look much more attractive and inviting. They provide different colored wool and carpet with various paintings and banners. Also, beds are available but that seems a waste because probably at this point you might already have plenty of those. The useful thing only seems to be paintings because they are rare. You can create your own customized banners.

Utility Block: Loom Block
Trade: Colored carpets, paintings, wool, etc.

12. NitWit (Not liked by many players)


How can we say the Nitwit villager is useless without hurting anyone’s feelings? Well, they are not tradable beings and don’t even take a job if you place something around them. The developers of the game added such villagers to show they are just there for visuals and nothing else.

Utility Block: Not Applicable
Trade: Aesthetics

13. Toolsmith


Simple work is done here, they give you different types of tools such as pickaxe, axe, hoe, shovel, etc. As you upgrade the villager by trade, you can get enchanted tools. They also sell bells if you are looking for something to put in front of your door. Also, the utility block can be very useful to convert your diamond items into Netherite items. Netherite is the strongest material in Minecraft.

Utility Block: Smithing Table
Trade: Any type of tools

14. Unemployed (Villagers who don’t have jobs)


They can be called Nitwits but the major difference is that they can take up a job. When you breed two villagers, you create a baby villager which will grow up to be unemployed. According to your needs, you can make utility blocks and place them in front of them. If you want, you can break their blocks so they turn into unemployed villagers. You can place another block to give them different occupations.

Utility Block: You can place any block to give them an occupation
Trade: According to their occupation once given

15. Weaponsmith


Our last buddy is a villager that is desired by everyone. Speedrunners will tell you how important the weaponsmith chest is to get better. These chests can help you find weapons, obsidian, iron, etc. They will trade weapons that could have enchantments. The grindstones are also great for repairing your worn-out tools and weapons. Also, it can remove the enchantment from your items.

Utility Block: Grindstone
Trade: Minerals, bells, enchanted weapons

Final Words

So, this was it guys. Use them to get better gameplay in your world and enjoy the world of trading. Now you know all the Minecraft villager jobs!

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