How To Find Redstone In Minecraft? [Step-By-Step Guide]

Find Redstone In Minecraft

It is easy to find Redstone in Minecraft, and here’s how you can find it. The unlimited building and crafting in Minecraft keeps all of us busy for days. To create something unique and amazing, you need a variety of ingredients. These ingredients are not easy to find and many times require hard work and techniques. The most brilliant material in the game is Redstone.

To build automated farms, sensor stairs, and much more, you will need Redstone. We have some techniques you can use to find Redstone in the game. Let us dive directly into caves and get those shiny Redstones.

Methods To Find Redstone In Minecraft

Before we begin, remember both Redstone and Redstone dust are the same things. If we say Redstone it means Redstone dust. We have different methods to find Redstone down below, choose the one you feel most comfortable and let’s start digging.

1. Trading

In both editions (Java vs Bedrock), you can easily collect Redstones in exchange for emeralds. The Java version gives you four pieces of Redstone for one emerald and bedrock gives 2 pieces for one emerald. If you have plenty of emeralds and want Redstone quickly and easily then this is a good way.

If you want the Redstone for free, you can wait for raiders to attack the village and then stop them to become the hero of the village. But we assume this is far more difficult to do than going into the caves. In the future, if you have too many emeralds definitely try to use them for Redstones because you will need them.

2. Chest Loot

While traveling and exploring your world, you will come across many chests which can contain Redstone. We have a small list below that shows which locations can contain the looting chests.

  • Stronghold
  • Village
  • Dungeon
  • Woodland Mansion
  • Mineshaft

If we follow the Minecraft Wikipedia, we can see that the chests present in the temples have higher chances of giving Redstone. But the highest amount or pieces of Redstone in chests are available in the mineshafts and strongholds.

Chests have many other materials like gold, silver, and even diamond.

3. Mining

The most common and comfortable way of finding Redstone is by going into the caves and mining them. Usually, you do this for any other ore and material. In the cave system, you will see many colored blocks. The Redstone block is of red color and glows when you mine it. For mining, use pickaxes of iron or greater. Using anything else will destroy the block without giving you anything.

Let’s see some tips you can use while mining.

  • A higher chance of finding Redstone is at 0 to 10 height axis and -63 to 15 axis.
  • Redstone blocks are usually in multiples which means at a time you can get up to 10 pieces.
  • The ore is already glowing in the dark. It will glow more when you mine it.
  • If you don’t want to waste any more time you can command the game to get into spectator mode.

4. Killing Mobs

Many mobs will drop something cool when they die. You won’t get Redstone or anything else all the time, but there is a small chance you might just get it. If you kill a hostile mob called Witch, you can get up to 2 Redstones. We would not recommend this method because it is dangerous and will make you use more materials than you are getting.

Final Words

Hopefully, now you know what techniques are best. The most common is mining and the most difficult and time-consuming is trading. Use the magical abilities of Redstone and you can even push its limits by using mods. So, pick up your tools, and let’s go and find Redstone in Minecraft.