How To Make Brewing Stand In Minecraft? [Easy Guide]

Make Brewing Stand In Minecraft

Minecraft has always amazed the gaming community with its features. The same holds when you make brewing stand in Minecraft. It is a feature that players enjoy the most and it is because you can make various potions in a brewing stand and use them to make your gameplay interesting. It works as a crafting table for potions. So, if you are wondering how to make brewing stand in Minecraft, we have you covered.

Requirements to make brewing stand in Minecraft

Before making a brewing stand in Minecraft, you must collect the necessary ingredients. You will require a blaze rod, three pieces of cobblestone, and a crafting table for a brewing stand.

However, to collect a blaze rod, you must locate blazing enemies. It is the most difficult part of making a brewing stand in Minecraft. It is because you can find blazing enemies in a Nether fortress, which is hard to locate in Minecraft.

If you are lucky, you can find it right beside your portal. However, in worst cases, you might need to cover difficult zones and pathways to locate the Nether fortress and the blaze rod.

You will also need to collect a crafting table and three cobblestones to make brewing stand in Minecraft, which are its building blocks.

Process of making a brewing stand

Now that you have collected all the ingredients, here is a step-by-step guide on making a brewing stand.

  • Make a crafting table. As a crafting table is one of the requirements for a brewing stand, you must first frame it.
  • Make a 3X3 grid.
Open The Crafting Menu
  • Mine three cobblestones and collect the blaze rod.
  • Place the three cobblestones in the 2nd row of the grid and the blazing rod in the center of the first row.
Put Items In Crafting Table
  • The brewing stand is ready, and you can place the same on the ground and access the brewing menu.


As mentioned earlier, you can use a brewing stand to make potions for your gameplay. You can make night vision potion in Minecraft and many more. The potions can be as good as a potion of health and strength and as bad as a potion of poison. You will need different ingredients to form different potions on the brewing stand.

The top left corner of the brewing menu is meant for the blaze powder, which is an essential part of the brewing menu as it works as a fuel. Moreover, you must place glass bottles of water in the bottom three slots of the brewing menu.

It indicates that you can make up to three potions at a time. The top box of the brewing menu contains the ingredients of the potion. You can use the elements and finally make the potion of your choice. The progress of the potion is visible on a progress bar.


A brewing stand is of great importance in Minecraft. If you make brewing stand in Minecraft, you can ensure fascinating gameplay as it is the powerhouse of many potions. Hence, you can follow the steps and make a brewing stand to ace your gaming experience in Minecraft.

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