Black Shark 4 Confirmed To Support 120W Fast-Charging

Black Shark 4

Everyone’s familiar with Vivo’s IQOO7 which is the first gaming phone of its kind that will be launching pretty quickly along with the Snapdragon 888 chipset. But to give it some competition, Black Shark has created a lineup of Black Shark 4, and now, you have specifications regarding its battery and charging.

Those of you who regularly check Weibo would be familiar with this piece of information but for those who aren’t, well, the CEO of Black Shark, Luo Yuzhou has shared a teaser poster where you can see that Black Shark 4 will come with a 4,500mAh battery.

Black Shark 4 Specifications

According to the poster, you can also confirm the 120W fast charging support; which is quite similar to a product from last year called Mi 10 Ultra. The poster suggests that you can charge this 4,500mAh Battery in a matter of 15 minutes.

Although there isn’t much revealed about this gaming phone; the CEO states that this product will turn out to be invincible. Another couple of familiar features that this smartphone is inherited from the Mi 11 with 2K AMOLED screen; that has a refresh rate of 120Hz and a touch response rate of 480Hz.

For now, Luo Yuzhou is staying a little secretive about the possibility that more than a single smartphone will be set to prevail; variants being Standard and Pro similar to last year.

To make the matter interesting, this smartphone holds the highest score on the AnTuTu benchmark of 788,505. The accomplishment is due to the hard work of the dedicated engineers working on Black Shark 4.

But the CEO appears to be quite unsatisfied and apparently plans to be that way until the mark crosses 800,000 on AnTuTu; which works well to motivate the engineers to work harder.

Also, an official announcement about the product shouldn’t belong away because of the teaser campaign one can notice around.