Freedom 251 Maker Mohit Goel Arrested In Dry Fruit Fraud Case

Dry Fruit Fraud Case

The founder of Freedom 251 phone, Mohit Goel got arrested in a dry fruit fraud case worth 200 crores. The company was operating from Corenthum in Sector 62, a premium office complex. Mohit along with 4 other people ran the company among which 3 were foreigners.

Dry fruit traders of various states of India filed many FIRs against him. These dry fruit vendors are from West Bengal, Karnataka, Punjab, Haryana, UP, etc. In 2016, Reliance Jio brought the cheapest internet cost to Indian customers. It sought to provide free internet and calls for a bare least price. As the internet price went down, demand for 4G smartphones soared up.

At that time, Mohit Goel introduced Freedom 251; which claimed to be India’s Cheapest Smartphone at the cost of marginal 251 rupees. The company received bulk pre-booking. People wanted to buy it at the beginning and almost 1 million bookings were made in a short period. But soon, people realized it was a scam.

Why Mohit Goel Accused For Dry Fruit Fraud Case?

According to the traders, Mohit had placed bulk orders and made advance payments. He won the trust of the traders. But he never made the final payments. The traders filed many FIRs and soon police arrested him on 10th January, Sunday evening. He was currently residing at Meghdootam Park in sector 51, Noida.

Police recovered 60kg of dry fruits, an Audi, and some valuable documents. The case is now proceeding in the Surajpur Court. Mohit backed himself with many lawyers and applied for bail. The Surajpur Court had denied his plea of bail.

Mohit Goel first had gained fame because of false claims of Freedom 251 smartphones. But the company failed to make the promises it had made. Since then he is on the police radar. His name is often seen in our newspaper headlines as he comes up with a new scam. He has lost public support. This time people are outrageous and want strict punishment for him.