How To Clone Yourself On Snapchat? [Simple Guide]

Clone Yourself On Snapchat

Hello everyone! So you recently saw a Snapchat pic of your friend in which he is rubbing shoulders with…well, himself!! You are now wondering how exactly he/she did it and what you can do to clone yourself on Snapchat! Unless of course, you have an identical twin brother/sister to use for such purposes!

We are gonna assume the answer to that query is “no” and go on about how you can do so as well!

Methods to clone yourself on Snapchat

This miracle of nature is no miracle at all, in all honesty. It’s just the modern 21st-century tech that is making it possible. Sounds fun, right?

Well, if yes, then know that it is possible through the Snapchat lens known by the name of “Beside Myself”.

It is fairly simple and not that difficult at all to implement. There are two ways to add this lens to Snapchat.

Method 1

For your convenience, we have embedded the Snapchat code below.

Beside Myself Lens

Open your Snapchat, and now scan this code with your Snapchat camera and hold your finger on the phone screen while scanning the code. This will unlock this “Beside Myself” code.

Method 2

You can also add this Snapchat lens by simply clicking on the direct link which is given below. This will automatically activate the Beside Myself lens in your device.

Click Here to Download the Lens

Once you are through with that,

  • Open the Snapchat app, and turn on the front camera.
  • Now, select this Lens and proceed to take a clear pic.
  • Now, move your camera to a different angle to take a second photo again.
  • This will form one of the two “you”s.
  • Now, you will be able to click again with the previous “you” clearly visible in the background.

And ta-da!!!! The two “you”s.

Magical, right? To clone yourself on Snapchat?

Well, now you know better!


In conclusion, “clone yourself on Snapchat” is not that difficult. But yeah, it’s totally fun to see your friends and family bamboozled at the godly sight!

So, we hope that now you have all the insight you needed to get into this feature and use it till your heart desires.

For more such interesting features and insights, keep checking in to our website and we will keep bringing them for you.

Until our next post, this is goodbye from us here at Fixing Port. See you all, next time!

By Vishal Negal

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