How does Snapchat Best Friends Algorithm Work? [Explanation]

How Snapchat Best Friends Algorithm Work

Hello, our faithful readers! Today we are gonna go ahead and discuss in-depth how the Snapchat best friends algorithm exactly works.

Oh, what’s that, you ask?

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Snapchat best friends algorithm

Snapchat, like all other social media platforms (see: Facebook) has a feature to differentiate between friends and “best friends” on the app. This is done for various purposes like the ease of access, separating clearly special people to a different section, and more.

But this isn’t done through manual assignment or editing. This assigning is done through an algorithm.

Speaking of which, let us now discuss exactly how this algorithm works.

How does Snapchat best friends algorithm work?

While the exact criteria are hidden from the world as there are no official criteria stated but pros and experts have extrapolated well-defined criteria for the same and this is considered to be generally true.

The basis of this algorithm has changed over the years. Until 2017 or 2018, it was not so complicated and generally included an accumulation of the number of snaps sent by you to your friends and vice versa during the last week or so. Up to around 7 friends could be categorized as “Best” Friends in your app.

But evolution is the one single truth when it comes to biology and technology.

This Snapchat best friends algorithm has become more sophisticated now as it doesn’t only consider snaps anymore but also takes into consideration your Group chat interactions and participation in general. Another feature of note is the “type” of various best friends. All this is done to enhance the experience of all the users involved. Up to 8 such friends can make up the “Best Friends” list on Snapchat.

Snapchat Best friends list

To check who is in your Snapchat Best friends list, you just have to tap on the new chat.


In conclusion, we’re hopeful that you all found this information useful and were able to learn from it.

Now, you cannot directly edit this list but if you understand the Snapchat best friends algorithm clearly then you sure as hell can manipulate it to an extent and have your real best friends show up in the list even if there is not much Snap exchange between you two at present.

We keep publishing such informative pieces. Hopeful to see you again.

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What is the algorithm for Best Friends on Snapchat?

The algorithm of Best Friend is when you chat or send snaps to a person every day. They will be on top of your Best Friends list on Snapchat.

Do Best Friends change on Snapchat?

Yes, if someone is on your Best Friend’s list and you are not chatting or sending snaps to that person, then Snapchat will soon remove that person from your Best Friend’s List.

What happens if you unfriend your friend from Snapchat?

If you unfriend a person from Snapchat, their profile will get disappear from your Friends list.