How To Delete All Tweets At Once On Twitter? [Guide]

Delete All Tweets At Once On Twitter

Hey guys, Do you own a Twitter account and one day, you suddenly realized “damn, that’s a lot of silly tweets made by me”? Now, you must want to delete these ASAP but who’d delete like 1000+ tweets one-by-one? Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could delete all tweets at once on Twitter?

Well, we at Fixing Port have found an effective way to achieve so. With very minimal effort too.

So, read this article and by the end of it, we promise that you’ll have a very viable option to do this. Let’s begin.

Steps to delete all tweets at once on Twitter

For this, we will make use of a website which specializes in the task to delete all tweets at once on Twitter.

We have compiled a list of steps that need to be followed to do this correctly, for your convenience, of course.

Steps to be followed:

Open Tweetdelete.

It’s a free website that will do this task for you.

It does have an upper limit restriction of deleting “only” your last 3200 words. This is due to Twitter rules and conditions. They have to comply with it.

2. Agree to the terms and conditions

Once you agree to the website’s terms and conditions, we can proceed forward.

You can read the terms by selecting the given option before agreeing to them.

3. Sign in to your Twitter account

Login your account and password. But if you’re already signed in, then no need to do so again.

And Now, Tap on the “Authorize App” option

Tweet Delete Auth App

4. Select the desired time period

Next up, is selecting the time period between which you want to get rid of your tweets.

You will get various options. These include:

One week, two weeks, a month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year.

Select one accordingly.

Tweet Delete Time Duration

5. Check the box, giving your assent

Give final affirmation by checking the box which says to “delete all my existing tweets”.


  • Do Uncheck “Post to my feed” to avoid getting a tweet by them on your account on your behalf.
  • Uncheck “Follow @Tweet_Delete for future updates” to not follow them.

6. Finally, tap on “Activate TweetDelete”

And ta-da! You’re done and you have successfully managed to delete all tweets at once on Twitter.

Activate Tweet Delete

7. Revoke TweetDelete’s access to your account

Must do this step, if you intend to keep using your Twitter account.

For this, open the following link:

Twitter Revoke Access

This is a link for third party websites/apps having access to your account.

Revoke TweetDelete’s access and you’re done, for good.


We would now like to take this opportunity to conclude this article.

There are more than one method to delete all tweets at once on Twitter and we have mentioned the easiest and effective methods to do so. If your Twitter account is suspended and wants to delete it, we have written a step-by-step guide on how to delete suspended Twitter account.

If there are any doubts, do mention them in the comments section. We’ll get to you in due time.

Can you delete all your tweets?

Yes, you can delete all your tweets by using TweetDelete.

Does deleting a Twitter account delete all tweets?

Yes, if you delete your Twitter account your all tweets will be removed from the Twitter servers permanently.

How many tweets can you delete once at a time?

You can delete up to 3200 tweets once at a time by using TweetDelete.

Can you hide tweets on Twitter?

Yes, you can easily hide any tweet on Twitter. You can hide a tweet for a particular person as well.