How To Disable Clip Creation On Twitch? [Guide]

Disable Clip Creation On Twitch

Safeguard all of your streams against illegal video production. In this article, we will tell how you can disable clip creation on Twitch.

Twitch, in addition to being a superb broadcasting platform, includes features that enhance its functionality. Audiences are never left out of the streaming community; while not being a direct part of it. They can clip streams, upload them, and assist their favorite streamers to gain more attention.

All Twitch users have access to the clip creation tool. As useful as the ‘clip production’ tool; it is not always implemented in the best interests of the user. Viewers may broadcast clips on purpose, breaking copyright and a variety of other moral rules. As a result, Twitch offers the option to turn off clip creation. This feature is only available in the desktop app.

Steps To Disable Clip Creation On Twitch

  • To disable Clip Creation on Twitch, go to Stream Settings. To do so, open Twitch on your computer and go to the top right corner of the screen and click the User Profile icon. From the drop-down option, choose Creator Dashboard.
Click On Creator Dashboard
  • Your browser will now display your Creator Dashboard. On the left list of options, select the Settings and choose Stream.
  • In order to disable clip creation on Twitch for everyone, you must disable all clip creation. You need to do this if you do not want anybody clipping your streams, regardless of their standing, follower, buddy, mod, spectator, etc. The Clips section can be found by scrolling through the Stream settings on the right.
  • To disable clip creation; click the purple toggle next to Enable Clips.
Toggle Off The Enable Clips Option

This will completely block clip production on your channel. Other clip parameters will be removed as well.

Disable Clip Creation On Certain Categories

If you don’t mind people creating videos on your streams except in specific categories, the option to disable clip creation on Twitch for certain categories is available. To begin, make sure the Enable Clips toggle is purple, which indicates the feature is turned on. If it’s not already purple, click the toggle to enable it.

In the Exclude categories text box, type your category. In the context menu, click to choose your category. You can create as many categories as you want. To eliminate a category, select it and click the ‘X’ in the category box.

Add Categories

If you have more than four categories, click the See All option to see them all. You can add categories to the list by typing them into the Add a category to exclude text box and selecting the appropriate category from the drop-down menu. Click the Remove all option to delete all of your categories. If not, remove individual category boxes by clicking the ‘X’ option. When you’re finished, click the Close option.

Click On Close

Disable Clip Creation On Twitch Except For Followers

This is a safe and secure method of allowing clip creation. You can choose to make clip creation available to all of your followers or only to those who have followed you for a certain amount of time and disable clip creation on Twitch for others.

Under Clips Settings, click the Off drop-down box next to Followers only. Choose how long a spectator must watch you before they can make videos of your live stream.

Check The Followers Only Option

Your channel’s viewers will now have to stick with you for the duration of the clip-making session.

Disable Clip Creation On Twitch Except For Subscribers

You can pick the Subscribers-only option to limit the number of people who can produce clips from your streams. This is a standalone security measure. To make stream clips, your followers/viewers must subscribe to your channel. This will disable clip creation on Twitch for people who have not subscribed to your channel.

To make the Subscriber-only option purple, click the toggle next to it below Clips Settings.

Toggle On Subscribers Only Option

Only subscribers of your channel can now create videos of your live stream.

Can you trim Twitch videos?

Yes, you can trim Twitch videos.

Do bots count as viewers on Twitch?

No, bots don’t count as viewers on Twitch.

Can you see who views your Twitch clips?

No, you can’t see who views your Twitch clips.