Snapchat Permanently Bans Donald Trump From The Platform

Snapchat Permanently Bans Donald Trump

The “Storming of the US Capitol” happened on 6 January 2021 with five deaths. After that, many social platforms like Snapchat permanently bans Donald Trump to show that they do not support him. The ban was to stop the riots and prevent the loss of more lives. When the incident occurred, some platforms like Instagram and Facebook suspended his account.

Twitter is a political platform, they have also blocked his account for good. YouTube has prevented him from posting more content. Snapchat also banned him for a long time- but now they’ve decided to make it permanent. With Snapchat’s permanent ban, US citizens expect other platforms to do the same.

Why Snapchat Permanently Bans Donald Trump?

The Snapchat team explains this move as a way to stop Donald Trump from using social media to spread hate and violence. His hate speech and the misinformation he gave started the riots. The move is expected to prevent such events in the future. It also ensures the safety of President-Elect, Joe Biden.

There were a few platforms that banned him during the Black-Lives-Matter protests. They said it was because of his racist and insensitive comments. So now, all major social media companies have united to remove him from the internet. This includes Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

The US Capitol violence was shocking and out-of-control. Four protestors and a police officer got killed. The last time storming the Capitol building happened was by British troops in 1814.

Trump was not popular with Snapchat even before this. He had never followed Snapchat policies before too. The company alleged they sent warnings to his PR team about the content he put, but to no effect. The riots made things worse. Based on these reasons, they put forward the permanent ban.

With the current decision, they have removed him from Snapchat. It started as a temporary ban to stop the riots. The permanent ban starts on January 20th, 2021.