How To Enable Cookies On iPhone? [For Different Browsers]

Enable Cookies On iPhone

Today, we will talk about how to enable cookies on iPhone. Many users are having this dilemma that enabling cookies is an important thing, and not having it enabled is any security or privacy risk. So, the main reason behind having cookies enabled is that some websites have certain functions depending on cookies. Different browsers customize these cookies according to their policies. But first, you need to have a clear idea about cookies.

What are cookies?

The HTTP cookies are generally small collections of data which is created by a web server when a user is browsing through the website. These collections of data (cookies) are left on the user’s device by the browser.

Why enable cookies?

Cookies created by a website can save various information of the user like preferences, user-names, passwords, etc.

Why disable cookies?

Cookies are generally created by third parties or ad companies, who can track your internet activity to push ads related to your recent interest.

Enable Cookies On iPhone On Different Browsers

Now that you have a clear idea about the concept of cookies, you will learn how to enable cookies on iPhone.

As already mentioned, the customizability of cookie preferences varies from browser to browser. Here, in this article, we will discuss the cookie preferences and how to enable cookies on iPhone in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browser.

1. Chrome

On this browser, you cannot disable the cookie preferences, which means cookies are enabled by default. But if you would like to delete the cookies, you can do it. To delete the already existing cookies, follow the steps.

  • First, open Chrome. Tap on the menu or Three dots from the lower right corner. Then, tap on Settings.
Tap On Three Dots And Settings
  • Next, go to Privacy > Clear Browsing Data.
Tap On Privacy Option
  • Then, select ‘Cookies, Site Data‘ and if anything else you would like to delete.
  • Now, tap on the Time Range. Choose which cookies you would delete, the most recent ones, or all of them.
Tap On Time Range

2. Firefox

On the Firefox browser, you can find a few different tracking settings to choose from. Also, there is no setting to block all cookies. So, all cookies are allowed by default. Though you can choose your level of tracking protection. And for that, follow the steps.

  • First, open the browser and tap the Three-line menu from the lower right corner. Then, tap on Settings.
Open Firefox And Tap On Settings
  • Now, scroll down to the Privacy section and go for Tracking Protection.
Tap On Tracking Protection
  • Now if you want, you can disable the Enhanced Tracking Protection from there.

Whereas if you want to block more trackers, ads, or pop-ups, you need to select the Strict mode. But this mode might block some functions that you want to use. Some other settings or features will also not work while this mode is enabled.

3. Safari

You will get many settings available on the Safari browser in terms of customization.

  • First, open Settings and scroll down to select Safari.
  • Then, scroll down to the Privacy & Security section and turn on the toggle switch next to Block All Cookies. This will enable the cookie preferences.
Toggle Off Block All Cookies
  • Now, to block the third-party cookies, toggle On the Prevent Cross-Site Tracking option.

Final Words

That’s all you need to know to enable cookies on iPhone. Choose the steps according to the browser you use, and enjoy browsing.

Should you clear cookies?

Yes, you should clear cookies.

Does removing cookies remove passwords?

Removing cookies will only remove session login information. It will not clear the passwords that are saved in a browser.

How often should I clear cookies?

You should clear cookies at least once a month.