How To Enable Nearby Share In Chromebook? [Guide]

Enable Nearby Share In Chromebook

The alternative of Google’s Airdrop – Nearby Share is now out in the market and available for Android Devices. However, it’s not available in the Chromebooks so far. The company is already working on it; and it’s already tested in Chrome OS 87. If you are looking forward to using Airdrop on Chromebook, we will help you with the steps on how to enable nearby share in Chromebook.

Steps to Enable the Nearby Share In Chromebook

The Nearby Share is not available on Chrome OS as primetime. When the testing is done; it will be available as default in the Chrome OS. However, if you want to know how the Nearby Share works on the Chromebook; you can enable its settings.

Settings of Nearby Sharing

Check out the steps to turn on the settings of the Nearby Sharing on Chromebook.

  • Go to chrome://flags on the Chromebook. Now, type ‘Nearby’ and search.
Search Nearby - Nearby Share
  • Go to the Nearby Sharing option and Enable it. Don’t restart your Chromebook.
Enable Nearby Sharing - Nearby Share
  • Now, type ‘Share sheet’ and search for it. And Enable the Share sheet also.
Enable Sharesheet - Nearby Share
  • After doing all three steps, restart the Chromebook.

Use of Nearby Share in Chrome Operating System

After changing the settings; the Nearby Share gets enabled on your Chromebook. You can share any file from your Chromebook using Nearby Share.

Here are the steps to be followed to share a file using Nearby Share

  • Open the Files application and look for the file you want to share. Select that file, and there will be a ‘Share’ icon on your screen.
  • Click on the Share icon, now there Nearby Share options will be available.
Tap On Share Nearby Share
  • Click on the Nearby Share option. Now, the Chromebook will look for other devices.
Tap On Nearby Share - Nearby Share
  • Choose the device you want to share your file with, and it’s done.
Tap On Next - Nearby Share

Share Chromebook Files Wirelessly using Nearby Share

Undoubtedly; Nearby Share is one of the most significant features to have in the Chromebook. It helps you to share your files at high speed. Moreover, you don’t have to email files to share them. Try the Nearby Share if you haven’t done it.

It’s easy to enable it. It works faster than Bluetooth. It’s currently not available as default in your Chromebook; but you can change the settings. Enable it and make your file sharing experience easy and fast.

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Can other people see my Google Drive?

They can’t see your private documents until you decide to share with them.

How do I add another user to my Chromebook?

To add another user, click on Add person on the bottom of the page, now enter all the details, and click on Next.

Can you have multiple users on a Chromebook?

Yes, you can add multiple users on a Chromebook.