Facebook Gaming Launches “Tournaments” To Promote Social Distancing

Facebook Gaming Launches Tournaments

Here’s the great news for gamers that Facebook Gaming Launches Tournaments to help gamers and casual gaming enthusiasts connect during the COVID-19 lockdown in many countries.

The social media giant company Facebook has recently added a new feature called “Tournaments” to its Facebook Gaming Platform. It is a smart move for the company to dominate the social media market and grab new users for its platform.

If you are a gaming lover, then yes, you are going to love it. You need to have a Facebook account to participate in it. Ever since Facebook Gaming Launches “Tournaments”, it is getting popular all over the world, and two or more people can play live simultaneously.

The company has given this information through its Facebook Gaming Twitter Handle viz:

“Social distancing means we have to be apart, but games can still bring us together. So today, we’re opening early access to Facebook Gaming tournaments, a feature to help people stay connected through games.”

The Facebook gaming tournament is becoming very popular in India amid the lockdown. And the intent to launch Facebook Gaming Tournament is to bring people together who are away from their family and friends.

The reason to get so much popularity at such a high pace is that it is acting as a stress buster for people all around the world during the lockdown, due to Pandemic Covid-19.

Main features of Facebook Gaming Tournaments

  • Through participating in the Tournament, users can create, organize, and can also invite friends for virtual tournaments.
  • It is integrated with the Facebook gaming platform and gives the freedom to host and stream the Tournament.
  • It allows the host to take advantage of Facebook’s fundraising for arranging funds for organizations that work for a noble cause.

Other online game streaming platforms do not have anything like this on their platforms. And it will not be any surprise if we get announcements soon from other gaming platforms.

Facebook’s new feature is also said to be part of the initiative by the World Health Organization to encourage gaming as well as social distancing.

Do let us know how excited you are about Facebook Gaming Tournament. Also, do let us know after trying in the comment section.