How To Make Crafting Table In Minecraft? [Guide]

Crafting Table In Minecraft

The base of everything is the crafting table in Minecraft. You can also call them the backbone of your gameplay. You usually get a 2-by-2 space crafting area in your default inventory. But because of this small space, you are limited by your crafting. That’s why we are here to tell you everything about the crafting table.

The crafting table is made using wooden planks and is very easy to achieve. In reality, it is the first thing you will require to start your survival journey. The tools, armor, and weapons will all come from the crafting table. Everything in the game will require this table to craft an item. Approximately you will be able to craft 397 items through the crafting table. This could make things confusing for you but going slowly and gradually will help you.

Materials Required for Crafting Table in Minecraft

Only 4 wood planks are required to make a crafting table. And you can even make the table if you have four types of different wood planks. If you don’t know how to craft wood planks, read the method below.

You just have to place 1 piece of wood in the 2×2 default inventory. It will result in 4 wood planks.

Put Wood In The Block

Create a Crafting Table

  • Press E to open your inventory and you will see four boxes. Here, you need to place your 4 wood planks. After placing you will see a crafting table on the right side box.
Place Wooden Planks
  • Drag the crafting table into your inventory and you can place the table anywhere you want. (Remember, to make this table you can use any wood planks.)

What uses are there for crafting tables?

You need this table when the crafting recipe requires an area of more than 2×2. Usually, complex items will need a crafting table. Different items have to be placed in a certain pattern to get a particular item from the game. You learn these recipes as you go along in the game.

Not only do they make stuff but also repair your weakened items. For instance, if you have two items with a health level of half (50%), you can place both items on the crafting table to get one item with a full health level (100%).

Put Items In Crafting Table

Obviously, this repair recipe only requires two boxes which means you can do the same thing in your default inventory crafting area.

How can you learn crafting table recipes?

After a few updates, the developers decided to add a recipe book to your inventory. This book will help you learn many important recipes. To see this book, you need to press E to open your inventory and find a green-colored book.

After clicking on that book, you will see a new window that shows all the items. Press on any item and the book will show you what items are required to make that item. If you have the required ingredients in your inventory, you can create the item on the spot. After a while, you will start to learn all the recipes and might not even need the book.

Literally, the name itself says “craft” in it. How will you go through the game without crafting? And how will you craft without a crafting table? So, now you know how to create a crafting table in Minecraft and how you can learn the recipes.