What Is An Emerald In Minecraft & How To Use It?

Emerald In Minecraft

Have you found an emerald in Minecraft? Minecraft is an open-world game where you find various different resources to survive. Fight with mobs, build a home, and find food. But there is much more to this game and many of us don’t use those aspects of the game. For example, besides mining and crafting you can also trade in Minecraft. Try to find unique items to trade with villagers or merchants.

Now, you can’t trade with anything, you need a specific Minecraft currency, which is emerald. Before we start our trading journey in this sandbox game let us first see what exactly is an emerald in Minecraft. We will also see how to use it properly. So, without any further ado let’s get started.

What is Emerald in Minecraft?

Minecraft has different types of ores and emerald is one of them. Finding some other ore is easier than the emerald as they are rare ores. Sometimes players will have to put in hours to find Emeralds in Minecraft. They are rarer than diamonds. Because of this many of you might try to look for random chests in caves that could contain emeralds in them. But if you are looking to find them in caves you can try mining at Y=256 world height.

Emerald Ores

To check the height press “F-3”. You will see information about the game. You can see X, Y, Z. When you travel underground, you will see the figure of Y increases. When it reaches 265, you can start looking for emeralds.

Do you need to smelt Emerald in Minecraft?

When you mine emerald, you will receive the emerald item directly. You will receive the block itself only if you mine the ore with tools that have an enchantment of “Silk Touch”. But you will not be able to pick up the ore. Only with certain Minecraft mods and versions, you are able to pick and smelt the ore just like any other ore.

For the smelting process, you will need a furnace and the ore block with some charcoal or coal. Add coal and emerald ore and wait till the furnace converts that ore into an emerald item. You can also use lava as fuel.

Uses of Emerald in Minecraft

When you have plenty of emeralds you can start using them for some things which can help you upgrade your gear. There are three major uses of emerald.

  • Crafting
  • Trading
  • Beacons


Crafting Of Emeralds

There is only one crafting method for emeralds. You can’t use them to create tools and weapons, but you can create an emerald block by filling up the crafting table with 9 emeralds. You get one block of emerald after using 9 emeralds. If you want your emeralds back, you can just place that emerald block on the crafting table. Most players don’t use these blocks for decoration purposes due to the rarity of the item. You can make these blocks to save some inventory space.


This could be the most useful thing an emerald can do in Minecraft. Trading can be done with merchants and villagers. You get various items, food, weapons, etc in return. When you visit a village you will see different villagers with different occupations. If the villager is a farmer, he will give you food.

You can find the different occupations of villagers and what they offer on the official Minecraft site or on Google. Also, don’t harm the villagers, because they can jack up the prices if you do anything. If the village gets raided, you can try your best to stop them from killing any villagers and this will help you get discounts on trading.

Making beacons

The most obvious reason to make a beacon is that it can make you powerful when you stay nearby. Not only they give you power but also make your entire area look much more awesome. To create them you will need piles of emerald blocks. Fortunately, we have a guide on how to make beacon in Minecraft and build beacon pyramid in Minecraft if you don’t know about it.


Hopefully, by now you know everything about emeralds, how to find Emeralds in Minecraft, and how to use them. They are extremely rare and very useful. Make sure you don’t make the mistake of ignoring them and using them to trade with villagers.

One more way you can earn emeralds is by selling your items to villagers. Try to grow wheat, potato, carrot, etc to sell and in return earn some emeralds. Keep them safe in a chest and wait until you have enough to make a beacon or use them to upgrade your gear.

Do you think emerald in Minecraft is a useful material?