Fitbit Luxe: A Fashion-Forward Fitness And Wellness Tracker

Fitbit Luxe

Boost your mind and life with Fitbit Luxe. A fashionable and wellness band that will track your essentials.

It will be soon available in India.

The band is available in different colors.

  • Lunar White / Soft gold stainless steel
  • Black / Graphite stainless steel
  • Orchid / Platinum stainless steel
  • A special edition  – Gorjana soft gold stainless steel parker bracelet

 It also includes Peony classical band.

Fitbit Luxe Features

Fitbit Luxe has a chic design that makes it match with any outfit. It has a vibrant AMOLED color display and it automatically adjusts the brightness level according to your environment. It has a 24/7 Heart rate feature. With the help of it, you can track your sleep, calories, and heart trend.

It is water-resistant, compatible with phones, supports Bluetooth connectivity, delivers up to 5 days of battery life and has many health and wellness features. Users can get insights into their fitness through Health Metrics Dashboard. It will track your heart rate, breathing rate, and skin temperature.

There is a sleep score that will help you track your sleep cycle. Fitbit Luxe can also track your hydration level, food, menstrual health, and weight. It can also track the blood glucose levels and you can see how much it changes throughout the day and it also includes an optical heart rate monitor, vibration motor, 3 axis accelerometer.


Fitbit announced the launch of the new Luxe band on Tuesday.

The band will be available in India through the Fitbit e-store and retailers. This band costs Rs. 10,999 with six months of the Premium free trial. After the expiry of the free trial, you can avail of the subscription for Rs. 99 per month or Rs. 999 per year. The company will also launch Fitbit Luxe Special Edition, which costs Rs. 17,999.