Samsung iTest: A little Taste Of Android For iPhone Users

Samsung iTest

Samsung always targets iPhone users with its new devices and features and attracts them to its eco-system. This time, Samsung came up with a web app – Samsung iTest, that seems to give iPhone users a taste of Samsung’s One UI on their iPhone.

Samsung iTest Experience & Features

To experience Samsung iTest, an iPhone user can visit the Samsung iTest website and scan the QR code there. You will be required to add the web app to your iPhone screen. As you do that, you will be experiencing Samsung’s version of Android on your iPhone or at least get a feeling of it.

The web app simulates One UI in the iPhone browser with some first-party Samsung applications. You can go ahead and use those applications and even try your hand in the UI and make changes to it like, changing the theme. If you click on the camera app, a video will show up. It will be telling you about the features of the Samsung Camera app.

You can try your hand in any application on the screen. Each of them will be functioning in some way or the other and giving you quite an interesting & fun experience.

You can go a bit further in the experience and make phone calls, send text messages, browse photos, and much more. All these functionalities come with Samsung iTest with a couple of cool hidden tricks of them, look out for them.


Samsung has put a lot of details here and of course why not, this has got to be one of the coolest marketing tricks, Samsung can ever pull off. The functionality of the One UI features is limited on the web app, due to the form factor but Samsung still manages to give a pretty cool experience. It is available globally, head over to the Samsung iTest website on your iPhone and “Sample the other side” as Samsung calls it.

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