Vivo Patents Smartphone With Drone-Like Flying Camera

Flying Camera

Call it the drone-like or flying camera it would actually be in the air. Vivo, the Chinese smartphone giant is planning to shot out a detachable flying camera in its coming smartphones. Imagine shooting at 360 degrees anywhere anytime. If this comes out it would be exciting and a remarkable innovation under the name of Vivo.

Recently, on July 1, 2021, Lets Go Digital shared a tweet that Vivo has reportedly filed a patent titled ‘Electronic Devices’ in December 2020 at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) for a smartphone that occupies a drone-like camera. The tweet has attached a link to the 20 pages documentation that is written in the Chinese language.

How does this flying camera work?

As of now, there is no official announcement made by Vivo. However, Lets Go Digital on its blog shared a post talking about the patent and the phone.

The phone at its first sight would look normal but it would comply with a compartment inside it. The sketch released in the patent shows a detachable camera adjusted inside the phone itself. With a fingerprint sensor, you would be able to unlock it and air the camera to shoot amazing images.

Vivo Smartphone Flying Camera

The camera is adjusted in a mounting bracket from which it would be detached to shoot in the air. It incorporates a dual camera one at the front and the other on the top to capture 360-degree angle. Further, it has options to add two more cameras to it.

While the flight camera would be in the air, the smartphone is the source to allow the clicks. The camera may have the properties of changing position flexibly. However, the 20 pages documentation hasn’t revealed much about it. 

Apart from this, it also consists of an additional battery unit; three infrared sensors with which the distance from an object would be sensed and measure. This will also save the drone-like camera to get collapse. To perform the task as the flying camera it packs with four propellers.

Nonetheless, the idea to bring a flying camera is not fresh, as Air Pix has made a successful attempt. Although the Air Pix cannot resize to fit into a phone’s tiny compartment.

What made Vivo popular?

Vivo has been upgrading its smartphones every time it launches a new phone. Last year only, it launched Vivo X50 Pro featuring a Gimbal System camera which collected huge praise for the feature. Similarly, the Vivo X60 Pro is been in news making its way clear in the market.

It wouldn’t be unjust to say that the Chinese giant Vivo has captured the market. It is maintaining its image by featuring new technology at an affordable price and now is planning to capture the future with a flying camera smartphone in the list.