How To Get Snapchat Creator Account? [Easy Guide]

Get Snapchat Creator Account

In order to post an advertisement on Snapchat, you need to get Snapchat creator account. By creating a Snapchat account, it helps you to expand your online presence and also allows you to engage with your followers.

Snapchat is one of the highly downloaded social media apps on mobile by millennials. It is an app that allows the user to take pictures and allows for editing them with the various filters and will be able to share the snaps with other Snapchat account users. Even a business owner can create a Snapchat account and use this medium to engage with their customers by creating and posting awesome ads for their business and more.

Different types of profiles on Snapchat

Profiles make it easy to find the info and Snapchat features that you care about the most! There are different types of profiles available on Snapchat.

  • My Profile features the user’s Snapchat info like the location on Map, friend info, etc.
  • Friendship Profile is exclusive to each friendship; the message saved in this profile will be shared between the two friends only.
  • Group Profile is the profile in which the chats and snap are saved within the Group chat.
  • Creator Profile is a special kind of profile if the user has to use a community lens. The profile allows the creator to showcase their creativity to the snap world. It also allows them to follow their favorite creator in the Snapchat world.

How to get Snapchat creator account?

Creator profile allows the creator to showcase their creativity to the snap world. It also allows them to follow their favorite creator in the Snapchat world. The user can choose to assign a task to trusted snap chatters so that they can help them manage the creator account.

Snapchat creator account

For showcasing your ads on Snapchat, you need to have a creator account.

  • One way to create a Snapchat creator account is by creating a lens. The lens studio allows you to create, post, and share lenses with Snapchat users around the globe. As the Lens Studio is free software, it allows any user to become a creator.
  • The second way is to write engaging stories for your followers, so the audience grows, following the community guideline.

We hope this article helps you to get Snapchat creator account and leads you to be one of the best creators in the snap world.

How do you create a Snapchat Creator account?

To create a Snapchat Creator account, you have to create a lens on Lens studio. Lens Studio is a free software where you can create, share, and post a lens with Snapchat users and it allows you to become a creator.

How can I find when my Snapchat account was created?

To know when your Snapchat account was created, simply open Snapchat and then tap on your Profile on the top left corner of the screen and then scroll down to the bottom of the screen. You will see the exact date when you created your Snapchat account.

Can Police track a deleted Snapchat account?

Yes, Law Enforcement Officers can easily recover and track a deleted Snapchat account.