Google Assistant Memory Feature Will Let You Save And Find Anything

Google Assistant Memory

Google Assistant is about to get a big boost with the update of Google Assistant Memory. You all have seen Google is always working on Google Assistant and make it more and more feature-packed to help users in daily-life things.

This is a new addition to Google Assistant. It can be used to save almost anything in the new memory section of Google Assistant and find everything in one place. It’s more like the “Collection” feature that we have in the Google app but memory seems to save much more variety of content than that.

The things which can be saved in the Assistant are – articles, notes, websites, reminders, recipes, products, TV shows, videos, screenshots, places, books, contacts, playlists, shipments, images, flights, movies, and much more.

How Google Assistant Memory Works?

To save anything in the memory, you either give a Google Assistant command or use “Memory Widget” that will be available in the home widgets shortcuts later. It will be accessible, of course.

It is not just about saving content, but Google Assistant will also show some contextual suggestions depending on the content you save, like watch trailer, when you save a movie or recipe time when you save any recipe to it. And for Google’s own things like Google Docs, it will show you their customized preview cards. It will be different for each type of content.

Whatever things you save as memories, will be available to the Memory section that will be available next to Snapshot in Google Assistant. The memories will be in reverse chronological order. Google will be showing them as “Older Memories” or “Today” according to the order of the memories.

There will be a search bar on the top to search any content that you have saved with its name. To search for any content easily, you can create categories like “Important” and “Read Later” and tag the content/memories with it. Categorizing the things will also help in organizing them in the memory section.

Google is currently testing this new memory feature in the “Dogfood” version (Internal testing) of the Google app. Google Assistant Memory is going to be a huge & helpful feature. We will have to see when Google decides to ship this to the public beta.

By Vishal Negal

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