Pixel 6 Will Be Powered By A Custom Google-Made Chipset

Google-Made Chipset

Google will be using its own custom-made chipsets in its upcoming Pixel flagship smartphone this year. Since early 2020, Google-made chipset were rumored to be featured in its Pixel line up and just after a year it seems like it is becoming a reality now.

A recent 9to5 Google report claims that Google is developing “Whitechapel” code-named SoC (System on Chip) for at least its two upcoming Pixel devices this year. Google used Qualcomm’s 756G SoC for its last year’s Pixel 5 and Pixel 4A 5G.

A Deep Dive Into The Specs Of Google-made Chipset

There are some details about the chipset which XDA claimed that the upcoming “Whitechapel” chipsets; will be called GS101 – GS probably stands for Google Silicon. This custom silicon will feature a Three Cluster Setup design with a TPU (Tensor Processing Unit) for its machine learning capabilities.

We can also assume that there will be an integrated security chip (much like Titan M); and an integrated Pixel Visual Core that will potentially give new camera capabilities to Google’s Pixel devices. These new Google-made chipsets will be built in partnership with Samsung and will share Samsung Semiconductor’s system-large scale integration (SLSI) division.

So, we can expect it to share some similarities with Samsung’s Exynos. One thing to note that it is being said that the upcoming GS101 chipsets will be targeted at Qualcomm’s upper midrange lineup (700 series); not the flagship one (800 series).

What benefits can Google-Made chipset bring?

The main benefit which will be coming from this Google-made chipset is that it will take the likes of the iPhone’s best feature which is Longer software support. Google currently offers 3 years of guaranteed Security & Android OS updates to its devices that seem to be less considering what the iPhone offers.

So, we can finally expect 5 years of Security & Android OS updates which will beat Samsung’s 4 years of software support they announced this year. Besides this, we can expect some major improvements in the camera department from this custom chipset which has been rumored; and some other new & improved software features for which Google is known in its Pixel lineup.

The future of Google Silicon

We can take the conclusion from this bold move that Google really wants to invest big in hardware. These Google Silicon Soc-powered devices are expected to launch around October this year. Google probably can price them cheaper this year compared to last year; considering they don’t have to buy chipsets from Qualcomm for these devices. Google will probably use its custom-made Google Silicon chipsets in its future Chromebooks as well in other devices. So, let’s see when that happens.

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