How To Have No Name In Among Us? [Simple Guide]

Have No Name In Among Us

Today, we will talk about how to have no name in Among Us. It is indeed a valuable trick that can help you to go unnoticed in the game. Unfortunately, you can not go fully nameless, but you can certainly use a unique dot character that can help you go nearly nameless. You can go with a blank name too while playing Among Us; but it only works in local games, not in the online lobby.

Steps To Nearly Have No Name In Among Us

To have nearly no name in Among Us while playing the game in the online lobby, the closest you can have is to use a tiny character ‘.‘ (dot). It will appear over the head of your character and might make you a bit more noticeable than having a no name, but the dot can surely get unnoticed when there’s a rush in the game.

Follow the steps mentioned below to do so.

  • First thing is, copy this ‘.‘. Don’t copy the quotation marks.
  • Now, open Among Us and tap on ONLINE. Then, tap the name field at the top of the screen. Delete the name that is currently saved.
  • Tap on the blank field and Paste the copied data.
Copy The Empty Text
  • Make sure that you have pasted only the dot. If you have mistakenly posted the quotation marks as well, remove them. Then tap on OK or tap on the checkmark.
  • Tap on Create Game to start a new game; tap on Find Game to search a public game, or just enter a code to join a private game.
  • From now on, your name will appear as a dot.
Nearly No Name In Among Us

How to have no name in Among Us in local games?

While playing the game online, it’s necessary to have a name. But if you are playing in the local lobby, you can use a blank space. For that, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • The first thing you need to do is to copy the blank space ‘ ‘. Do not copy the quotation marks.
  • Now, open Among Us and tap on LOCAL. After that, tap on the name field and paste the blank space that you have copied. Make sure that you don’t paste the quotation marks or other characters with the blank space. Now, tap on OK to proceed.
Type Dot In The Name Section
  • Tap Create Game to start a local game or select a local game from the list available.
  • From now on, you can play with no name in the local lobby.
No Name In Among Us

Why play Among Us with no name?

The only reason behind playing Among Us without any name is to make it slightly difficult for other players to notice or identify you. While the players are used to seeing others have a specific name, having no name can leave them confused. And it can make it easier for you to kill others and you might even go unnoticed by other imposters as well.

But yes, you cannot fool the attentive players. Also, they can describe you based on your color or the special character that you will use.

Why can’t you play Among Us online with no name?

As previously mentioned, you cannot play Among Us online without a name. The Windows version lets you have only letters or numbers. If the iOS and Android versions get the same upgrade, the ability to play with just a special character or a blank space will be gone from the game forever.

Final Words

So, if you are an iOS or Android user and want to have no name in Among Us; you can use the above guide. And now that you know these tricks, go and have fun playing the game!

Can you play Among Us on PC?

Yes, you can play Among Us on PC.

Is there a voice chat feature in Among Us?

Unfortunately, there is no voice chat feature in Among Us.

Can you play Among Us on Xbox?

Yes, you can play Among Us on Xbox.