How Does Spotify Pay Artists? [Detailed Information]

How Does Spotify Pay Artists

There have been numerous articles on how does Spotify pay artists, how much Spotify pays per stream, and whether artists get a fair amount. Before we dive into the part of how Spotify pays artists, let us first see what factors lead to the payment they get for working so hard.

How Does Spotify Pay Artists?

Being an artist has never been easy and to be honest; people handling the recording and publisher of a song on Spotify have always treated artists in the worst way possible. In case you have looked for the data related to the payments of artists get for their stream; and how does Spotify pay artists, you will notice that the cost of subscription and the pay per stream differs a lot.

The variability is such that if there are a million streams; then being in Argentina you would earn around 850 USD, and if you are a resident of Norway, you can earn as high as 5480 USD.

Well, the factors that determine the payments of the artists are the cost, type, and the number of subscriptions, from where the streaming is done, the number of streams that have been uploaded in a month, and the advertising revenue generated depending upon the market conditions.

All these factors when taken together, there has been a great fluctuation. Out of the total revenue generated, 30% is kept by Spotify itself and 70% goes in the hands of the songwriters; composers, and right holders. More precisely, that 70% share is divided between artists and right holders on a contract basis; and that agreement might lead to underpaid artists.

Never mind, but this thing really happens and there have been numerous write-ups and protests, and many more such kinds of stuff going on against Spotify; but nothing has changed this policy. 70% share might seem like a huge amount; but when it is divided among all the right holders and artists, the artists are the victim of getting underpaid.


With innumerable analyses being done on this, the result comes out to be something like this. And despite all the protests, things have just remained the same. So, by now, you have a clear idea that the number of streams from your account is not the only factor that influences the above topic “how does Spotify pay artists. Even if Spotify tries to make itself user-centric, nothing much is going to change.

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