Reliance Jio 5G Beta Trial Begins, Offers 1Gbps Download Speed

Jio 5G Beta Trial

On 6th October 2022, Jio 5G Beta began its trial process in Delhi and some other cities. The Jio Welcome offer allows you to directly upgrade to True Jio 5G from your current Jio Sim cards. The only thing necessary is a 5G mobile.

According to the company, 5G service for now will only be available to those who have been invited by the company. After some trials, the company will give users the service in a phased manner. The True Jio 5G service is only available in Mumbai, Delhi, Varanasi, and Kolkata.

What is the Jio Welcome Offer?

Users will get 5G data from Jio which is being said to have 1GBPS of speed. During Covid and the lockdown, various Indian citizens completely relied on the internet. Since then, schools, colleges, offices, etc have been moving towards a process that uses the internet. This means the need for 5G speed is required now more than ever.

Jio is working hard to make sure their True 5G will be compatible with all 5G mobiles. Also, we won’t be surprised if the company launches its own 5G compatible devices.

Until Jio is not confident in its tech, it will let the users use it and give feedback to the company. The users who have been invited by the company in the Welcome Jio Offer will automatically receive the update for True 5G service. This means the Jio sim is capable of running the True 5G service.

A user from Delhi named Rajesh said “The internet speed on 5G is a welcome change over 4G, and it should soon be made available”. Once the citizens in Delhi are completely satisfied, the company will surely start these trialing stages in other cities.

Do you think you need Jio 5G? Many of us don’t even finish our existing 4G data by the end of the day. But people who rely on phone data for their work and education will indeed consider changing to Jio 5G.