Google’s Ex-SVP Releases Ad-Free Search Engine Called Neeva


Google’s former SVP for Google Ads, Ramaswamy Sridhar has introduced a search engine that is completely ad-free. This search engine has just been launched in Europe. In the beginning, the platform was launched in the US in 2021 which brought 600,000+ active users. This success helped to bring investors such as Greylock Ventures, Sequoia Capital, etc to invest more than 40 million dollars.

According to a Business Wire press release, the search engine Neeva was released on 6th October 2022 in Europe. To compete with others, Neeva offers users no tracking, genuine search results, and zero advertisements. Knowing that Google has captured over 90% of the market in the search engine race, Neeva knows its biggest competitor.

According to Neeva, search engines that support ads have created a misaligned world where high-tech technology companies and advertising agencies have become richer putting users’ privacy and security at risk.

Getting to Know Neeva

The search engine claims they have one of the fastest results with a high accuracy rate. This means that pushed or sponsored content is nowhere to be seen. For now, the company is just trying to acquire the market and thus has offered the engine totally free to European users. Once they get in the game they are planning to bring a subscription version where they can offer exclusive VPN and manager for your passwords.

Also, they have made sure their engine supports platforms such as Email, Slack, Dropbox, etc. Keeping security they are trying to give their users a convenient service. As a user why should you be excited about this? Well, the best thing is anonymous browsing and no distraction from Ads. According to Neeva, they go through billions of websites and data-containing pages to give you the best search results.

This also means you only get organic results on the top also meaning they are trusted and used by others.
For information, most search engines collect your data to show you ads that might fit your needs. But the Neeva search engine does not allow ads which also means they don’t track your search.

Are you excited to use this search engine? Google must be planning its next move to counter this search engine as soon as possible. Maybe Google will also bring a new version of Chrome that will have a subscription-based service to get ad-free and VPN.

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