5 Best Laser Tag Games To Play At Home [Top Picks]

Laser Tag Games To Play

Got a new laser set for yourself and excited about what game to play. Well, we are here! We have got the best Laser Tag games to play at home for you and you are going to enjoy with your group also. If you are feeling a little outdated with the regular laser tag then these games can win your heart. Let’s get our journey started towards the introduction to the top Laser Tag games to play.

Top Laser Tag Games To Play At Home

If you already own a laser tag gun then you also have got a long list of the games. There is always an involvement of two persons in most of the laser tag games. The laser tag guns have buttons for firing off shots when pressed and have scopes on the laser gun. Here are the best Laser Tag games to play.

1. Free for all

Laser Tag is generally based on teams. You will feel it when you enter the laser tag area. In this game, you get the choice of playing free if you are playing laser tag at home. You can have a 1 v 1 v 1 v 1 if you have four people. Well, a team is not needed always. It helps in preventing the feeling of getting teamed up if you have young children.

2. Convoy

Convoy is another best game to play. If you have a group of 6 people or more it is a great game to play and it’s very simple as well. You have to make 3 teams, 2 people in each team. So, one team (Convoy) needs to get from the predetermined starting line to a finish line while the other two teams will be ‘ambushers’.

The ambushers have to stop the Convoy team to reach the finish line. If any member of Convoy makes it to the destination without getting shot – GAME OVER! It’s hard but they can also win by shooting all the ambushers, it’s hard as ambushers are double in number to shoot them. When all of the Convoy is eliminated the ambusher wins. There is a time limit for this game to avoid waiting for ages for the Convoy to get to their destination.

3. Capture the Flag

One of the best games is Capture the Flag Laser Tag. When considering shooting, it is one of the common games to play. You’ll often find it in paintball and airsoft. In this, the base of each team has a flag. Well, the flag is not actually a flag but it is something that is needed to be tried and collected by the opposition team.

You need to try and get your opponent’s flag and return it to your base while protecting your base and without getting killed. You are out if you get shot. It is much more fun than it sounds and is simple. When playing capture the flag, it is best if you have a minimum of 4 people, and also if more people are playing.

4. Rabbit Hunter

It is also the best game to have on board. It follows the principle of more people having more fun but at least three people are needed to play Rabbit Hunter. In this, the whole team is of hunters except one person which is a rabbit. In this when the timer starts, the thing to notice is how far the rabbit can evade itself from getting caught by hunters.

Rabbit unlikely has much of a chance against a pack of hunters but if rabbit wants to fight back they can. The best part is you only start hunting when you’re ready and you can leave the rabbit to run for ages.

5. Last Life

If you want to spice things up a little, Last Life is going to rock. Increase the number of lives if you want to have an extended Laser tag game. The game rules say that you have to go to the starting point back if you are tagged once and you cannot continue to shoot.

Limiting the amounts of shots you’re allowed to fire is another good way of playing the last life. ‘One in the Chamber’ means you only get one bullet to kill your enemy. You have to run to the starting point if you miss.

Summing up

Hence, these are the best Laser Tag games to play at home and if you’re getting slightly bored with the regular game, there are a lot of other games as well that you can play. We also wrote an article on the best short games for Android, go through the article if you are looking for the same.

Can you play laser tag games at home?

Yes, you can play laser tag games at home.

Which is the best laser tag game?

Capture the Flag is the best laser tag game.

Can you play laser tag alone?

Yes, you can play laser tag alone.